Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mimi Sitting on Things Again

Mimi and Buddy both don't like the dog all that much, maybe because Millie has barked and snarled at the both of them when they've tried to get up on the bed when one of us was already in it and she was feeling extra protective. Buddy will hiss at her and then go somewhere else when she is around. She has no problem at all with the other three indoor cats and the two cats outside. Harri sleeps at the foot of my bed most nights and Millie crawls under the covers and they both get along just fine all night. Pepper just kind of ignores Millie but Bear is quite curious although a little intimidated. Millie likes Bear and will come right up to her and sniff her and Bear will just sit there. If Millie is on the couch next to me Bear is not afraid to get up on the arm of the couch and sit there to be petted.

I took Millie for her walk this morning, hoping the promised rain would hold off until after the walk, and so far it has, hours later now. Keith did call from Barstow and said it had started raining there, so hopefully we will get some here sometime today. It's been chilly the past few days and I'm glad I didn't get rid of the well worn winter clothes just yet, I almost did thinking that it wasn't going to get cold again what with all the warm days we've been having lately. Sorry, rest of the country, I know your weather is ridiculously unbearable right now with no end in sight. Anyway, Millie the little yappy dog is still kind of a pain to take for a walk what with her pulling on the leash and getting all the dogs in the neighborhood to bark as we go by. We were coming down the sidewalk and a couple with two small dogs were coming the other way and knowing what Millie does when other dogs come along, I stepped to the side and crouched down to hold her still while she barked furiously at the other dogs. She kind of wants to go check them out but is also doing her protection thing. I'm beginning to think I need to call a dog trainer or something. They do have a dog class that I see every Saturday walking the well behaved dogs around behind the pet store, but I think they are the advanced class and all she would do is bark and lunge. Bark and lunge. Plus, they do their class really early in the morning and I'm just not that ambitious first thing in the morning. We will see, I did pick her up and carried her a couple of times this morning when she got too excited and strained too much at the leash, maybe if I don't let her walk when she's acting like that she will get the message.

She also really likes motorcycles and when they go by gets very excited and barky and tries to run after them.

I have not been feeling like doing much of anything lately, yesterday Keith was sleeping most of the day so I read books until I almost had to take a nap from all the inactivity. I did get the vacuum cleaner out this morning and did the front bedroom and hallway, then wheeled it into the living room where it is still sitting. Mimi has a thing for the coiled up cord and really likes to sit on it.
Silly, silly kitty.

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