Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We Left the House Last Night

And the sky fell down while we were gone.

It was a nice day yesterday, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining, shining enough to where I got completely hot and sweaty when I took the dog for her walk and had to take a shower when I got home. I figured that there would be no more rain from this latest storm but boy, was I wrong.

There were a few dark clouds in the bright blue sky late in the afternoon and it sprinkled a bit as they went over the house, sprinkled while you could still see that blue sky everywhere around the dark clouds. Always a bit disconcerting when it is raining where you are but not the next block over. It started raining a bit more as the sun went down and then we heard some thunder which of course the dog barked at. Got to save the humans and scare that thunder away don't you know.

I was getting ready to fix something for dinner and the kids called wanting to know if we wanted to join them at a barbecue place about halfway between each of our houses for dinner. Well, yes, anything but my cooking sounds good to me! So, we got in the car and as we were driving east to meet them we could see dark clouds and pouring rain out to the west of us, along with flashes of lightning. Exciting!

We had dinner and then headed back home and as we came down Coffee Road to our house the pavement was really wet and we figured it must have just rained on our side of town. Then we pull into the driveway and Keith says hey, what is that white stuff all over the yard?

It was hail. Pea sized hail that we must have just barely missed the downpour of. Poor Lucy was by the front door like what the heck? We were looking around the yard like what the heck? It hailed and we missed it!

 And that was the most exciting thing that happened yesterday.

Keith had gotten home from work in the afternoon and thought he wouldn't go back out until tomorrow, but something happened on the boards and he moved up really quickly and went out before the sun came up this morning.

Oh, and to update on his doctor visit and weird EKG, the MIR or whatever it was that they did showed no blocked arteries or anything, so everything seems okay with his heart. Who knows why the one EKG was abnormal, but he should be fine there. He did gain a lot of weight this year and is borderline diabetic with really high triglycerides so the doctor gave him some new fat blocking meds and weight loss/appetite suppressant something or other to help him lose the weight and thereby lower those triglycerides and keep the diabetes in check. Mine is under control so no new meds for me and all of my other bloodwork was okay. Now we just wait for the bloodwork bills to come in, we got the EOBs from the insurance company and it always stuns me how expensive bloodwork is even after the insurance pays their part, not to mention how much it is before they pay! I guess people with no insurance or not so great insurance just don't get bloodwork done because it certainly is not affordable!

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