Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Very Bold (and Very Brave) Bird

I think this is a young mockingbird who so far has not screeched at anybody, but I've been noticing it eating from Genie's food bowl and drinking from her water bowl, all about 3 feet away from Genie's Igloo house. Where Genie is usually inside. And probably salivating over this plump little bird.

I'll be out there in the back yard and the dog will be out there and sometimes cats other than Genie will be out there and the bird just does not seem to feel threatened by any of us and goes about his cat food eating with no worries at all.

He will land on the fence.
 Then up to the tree.
Then to the lantern hanging near the food bowl.
Then to the lattice even nearer the food bowl.
And then success!
Then back to the fence to enjoy his morsel.
All while I'm sitting not five feet away.

We dropped Millie of at the vet clear across town this morning for her spay and the rest of her shots. They are keeping her overnight so the cats are all like YES! maybe she is gone for good!

Keith and I both went to the doctor yesterday morning for our annual exams, mine going okay except for lots of waiting but his EKG was abnormal, meaning he is at risk for a heart attack so he is over at another doctor's right now having an MRI to see what is going on. He has put on about 30 pounds this year from eating too much junky road food and just eating too much in general, sometimes I think his hobby is eating (and drinking beer). He gets bored or is watching TV and eats junk just for something to do. Also, drinking way way way too much beer. I had also made a dentist appointment for him yesterday afternoon since he was taking the day off anyway, and while no cavities he did need a deep cleaning and laser treatment on his gums.

So, hopefully the MRI won't show anything too dire and it will be a wake up call for him to stop eating so much and take a little better care of  himself. It is hard to eat healthy on the road but with a little work it can be done. I'm sure he will be put on some new cholesterol lowering drugs or heart helping drugs or something, so we will see.

Here is a bonus picture of silly Mimi trying to fit into a plastic tray that I had laid on the bed for a minute.
The black lump behind her is Harri.

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