Thursday, January 22, 2015

We're Sick And Some Dog Antics

Keith came home a few weeks ago with what he calls the Barstow Crud. Coughing, achy, sore throat, unable to sleep because of all the coughing. I got it about a week ago (thanks a lot!) and now I'm coughing and achy and have a sore throat. Also unable to sleep because of the coughing.

Apparently everyone is getting it this winter and it's just something you have to let run its course, drinking lots of fluids and taking lots of medicine in the meantime. I haven't had a cold in a few years now and wish I hadn't caught this one.

I made Keith take the dog for her walk this morning, yesterday I took her on two walks, a long one in the morning when we went to Petco for a new toy and a shorter one early in the evening. She is such a barker, she barked at every single person while walking along in front of the stores in the shopping center where Petco is, and then barking at three little kids in a shopping cart while in line to pay for her toy and some cat food. Then last night Joe and Elizabeth came by for a bit and she sat on my lap growling at them. She finally calmed down and realized they were not a threat to her or me. Very protective little dog with that little dog with a big bark thing going on.

Her new toy is already missing a bow and part of an ear. It is a pirate monkey named Scurvy. Odd to name a toy after a terrible disease but catchy all the same. Here she is enjoying her new toy in the back yard.

And here is Scurvy minus his bow.
She curled up in Keith's laundry basket the other day. All nice and smelly dirty clothes to lay on.
Other than dog stuff, nothing much else going on. I haven't had a whole lot of energy to do much other than the basics that you need to do every day. I did make some soup a few days ago, I had bought a can of Wolfgang Puck's chicken and wild rice soup and couldn't eat most of it because the chicken and carrots that they use in soups are really kind of gross and it wasn't all that good, sorry Wolfgang, but your canned soup is not all that.

I wanted to make my own chicken and wild rice soup so I found an easy enough recipe online and made my soup. Instead of expensive wild rice I used a boxed wild and white rice mix without the seasoning for the rice and left out the mushrooms that the recipe had in there (gag). It also called for slivered almonds which sounded odd and really didn't go with a creamy type soup. Creamy then crunchy is not my idea of soothing chicken and rice soup. Keith liked the almonds which surprised me because he usually doesn't like almonds in his food. Next time I make it I will leave the almonds as a topping instead of in the soup.

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