Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cat In The Laundry Basket

Unlike Millie the dog who prefers a laundry basket filled with nice smelly dirty clothes to lay in, Mimi the cat just can't resist the lure of an empty laundry basket. Or any other type of basket, box, container, what have you.

I was being nice and folding Keith's laundry while he was napping the other day and the empty basket was sitting on the floor and yes, about 2 seconds after it was emptied and put on the floor, little Miss Has To Sit On Or In Everything was in the basket. Where she was quite content for a while.

Today I went on two walks with the dog, one this morning down the street behind our house to the intersection at the end of it and back around. It was really foggy and rather cold and I was glad that I had put on the hat that Jennifer made me for Christmas. Kept my ears nice and toasty warm. The fog didn't lift until about 3:30 today, so much for the warmer weekend we were promised.

I was getting really hungry around 4 and when I'm home alone I really don't want to cook anything, not that there are any ingredients to make much of anything with anyway. I needed to go over to Office Depot and get some ink and figured we could just walk down a little further to Sonic, where we can order at the ordering machine on the patio and the dog could sit with me while I got something to eat. The ordering machine that you can't understand a single word the person taking your order says and you just hope they got it right. I've only eaten the actual food there once before and wasn't real impressed but when you are hungry and don't want to fix anything and it's the only place that you can bring a dog with you when you don't have a car available for the drive thru, Sonic it was. I ordered some popcorn chicken and a plain cheeseburger to give some to Millie and some cherry limeade. The cherry limeade was good and Millie seemed to enjoy the hamburger (after being so rude as to bark at the girl who brought it to us) but the popcorn chicken tasted worse than the cheapest frozen popcorn chicken you can buy. I only ate a few pieces of it, but Millie sat there on the bench and was a good girl while I fed her some of the cheeseburger. I don't get why people eat the food at Sonic, it really is just not very good. Now, the ice cream and shakes, YES! Food, no. If they didn't have the ice cream and all I don't think they'd be in business long. McDonalds cheapest hamburger beats them by a mile. Even the chicken nuggets are better.

So, two walks in and a lousy dinner. The only other thing I've done all day is work on some things for my shops and mess around printing up more things to make.

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