Thursday, January 1, 2015

Weird Alien Spores

And Happy New Year! Or whatever.

I don't get too excited about New Year's Eve and all that now that I'm too old and too tired to stay up until midnight. I also don't drink anymore so no midnight champagne for me. But, no New Year's Day hangovers for me either.

I had to pick Keith up from work about 10:30 last night and was surprised to see so few cars on the road at our end of town. They must have either all been smart and stayed home or were already at the bar. I have a really hard time seeing at night and usually don't drive anywhere after dark, but fortunately the route to the railyard is well lit and an easy drive down Coffee Road and onto the new cross town freeway then off at the end of the freeway and a few not so well lit blocks to his work. I let him drive home.

It was quite loud last night around midnight as I was laying in bed trying to sleep, lots of bangs of fireworks or gunshots or whatever people were shooting off. Again, whatever.

We had a hard freeze last night and it was all frosty outside this morning and very very cold. At least the sun is shining so while it's cold it's not gloomy. I went out back and for some reason looked down at the weed and leaf filled flower bed where our lavender plants and geraniums are braving the cold and saw the weirdest little fungi I've ever seen. Tiny tiny little whatever they are that are loving the damp ground from the recent rain.

They are only about a quarter inch across, those are pieces of ground cover bark and leaves next to them. I've never noticed anything quite this weird in the garden before.

I'm going to take Millie for her walk later, Keith is supposed to do it today but he is napping right now after having actually gotten up right after me this morning. I did a little reading up on how to train a dog to walk without barking at everybody and got a few ideas to try. Apparently if you let the dog walk ahead of you they are 'leading the pack' so to speak and must defend you against kids on skateboards and such. Hence the barking and growling. One solution to teach them to heel is to give them a little treat each time they cooperate, so I got a package of chicken hot dogs that I will cut up and carry along with me today. Short leash time today! We will see how it goes, she is such a fast little walker and it's hard to keep up with her.

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