Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Some Fun Stuff From Every Day Is A Holiday

I've been following a blog off and on over the past few years, I'm not real sure how I found the blog but I think the people behind Every Day is a Holiday used to have an Etsy shop but now their shop is on Big Cartel.  Anyway, they have wonderful handmade wooden plaques and paintings, all of sweet stuff like cupcakes and ice cream and even pizza slices. They are not cheap, being prints of original paintings that are put onto hand cut wood with even the edges painted so that the print sort of wraps around them. They are really big, too, and while I've wanted a big stack of pancakes to hang in my kitchen I just don't have enough wall space.
So, when I saw that they offered the pancakes (among other things like ice cream cones and pizza slices) as ornaments I just had to get some. I had ordered once before from Jenny and Aaron, a wood die cut plaque of a victorian kitty cat that is hanging in my bedroom. It took a while to get as everything is made to order and I'd kind of forgotten about it when there it was in my mailbox. The ornaments took even longer to get, about 6 weeks, but they were well worth the wait. They do everything themselves, just the two of them, and the ornaments were a big hit for the holidays so they were working very long days and nights.

Here is my kitty cat.
And these are the ornaments that arrived last Saturday. They come packaged in cello bags with paper shreds and star confetti, so if they were going to be for gifts they are already gift wrapped!
I got a cupcake and a triple dip ice cream cone. And the pancakes!
These are made on some kind of artists board, thick and sturdy and they use vintage papers on the backs and sign each one.
I was thinking of just hanging them as is in the kitchen, they are sealed with what appears to be brush on mod podge on both sides, so no worries about them getting dirty but decided instead to get some dollar store frames for them. I used some pages from a vintage cake decorating book for backgrounds, and here they are all framed and one of them even hung already.

I'm going to order a few more, the pizza slice (with or without pepperoni) and they have a vintage mixer that I really like. I still would like the big pancakes but just don't have any place to hang them.

Now for more about the dog who was definitely trying my patience a bit today. I found her happily destroying a cat toy mouse this morning so the cat toy bin is going to be put up somewhere. The cats don't play with much of anything these days so they won't care.
I don't know where the two halves of the jingle ball came from, I didn't find any pieces of cat toy balls that have the jingle balls in them anywhere, but she managed to get every shred of fur off of that toy mouse.

Then later I found a chewed up chap stick that must have been under the fridge or stove where the cats like to lose things like that.
Then I took her for her daily walk and she did really well until we went down a street where kids were playing and she started barking and growling at them. She also barked and growled at a family on bikes. Then her barking got every single other dog in the neighborhood all barking. Then she barked and growled at some teenagers on skateboards.

She also pooped on somebody's yard and I forgot to bring along a poop bag. I was hoping nobody was home and just happening to be looking out the window. Nobody chased us down the street to clean up the poo but I'm really sorry whoever you are.

It is really cold out today but I was getting hot and sweaty by the time we went down the third street, she is a very fast walker for such a little dog. I need to read  up on training her to stop all that barking and growling though.

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