Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Kind Of Like Having An Extra Strong Toddler

Having a little dog in the house that is. An extra strong toddler that loves to chew on her toys, run about the house and instead of crying, barking at things. And the poop, too.

This morning I was kind of busy and Keith took Millie with him to drop some stuff off at Goodwill and get a few things at Home Depot where she sat in her dog bed in the cart. I'm sure the Home Depot ladies who were petting the dog thought that he was probably gay since he had a little dog in his shopping cart dressed in a pink coat with a pink leash and a pink dog bed in the cart. When he got back I asked him to take her for a walk since that's what she thought she was going to get to do before he put her in the car.

He said she had a pretty good walk except for barking at a man standing by his house, barking at a big landscape type rock in someone's yard and wanting to check out the stone pig statues in the yard down the street.

I took her for another walk as he was leaving for work about 4:30 and she is a very strong little dog when she wants to GO already. We were having a nice walk until a loose dog and she saw each other and both started barking and the loose dog came running over like he wanted to fight. I picked her squirmy little body up and yelled at the other dog. Fortunately a couple of men who were outside came and got the dog. They didn't know whose dog it was but they locked it up in their yard.

Millie was all worked up after that, so more straining at the leash and some whining because she was READY TO RUMBLE! We went around the corner to the house with the pig statues and yes, she is fascinated by them. Then about halfway down the block four stray cats went running across the road and SHE WANTED THOSE CATS! Funny how she doesn't pay much attention to our cats but stray cats just drive her nuts.

I was exhausted by the time we got home. I think she was too.

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