Thursday, December 25, 2014

What Santa Brought Me

I woke up this morning at about 5 needing to go to the bathroom and found Millie at the foot of my bed, I'm assuming that when Keith left for work at whatever late/early hour of the night/morning that he left Millie got out of his nice warm bed and came to mine. I get up to go to the bathroom and find a nice pile of Millie poo on the bathroom rug, cleaned that up and then stepped in the pee that I didn't realize was also on the rug, barefoot of course, so now the rug is waiting to be washed and I'm going to invest in some puppy piddle pads. I can't blame her for going when she needs to and the bathroom rug is probably the best place for her to go since it's easy to wash and everything is right out there in the open where hopefully you will see it before you step in it.

I just took her for her morning walk, she already knows the word 'walk' and really seems to enjoy it. It's good for me to get out and get some exercise without feeling weird walking around the neighborhood. People just don't walk much in this town and when someone is walking they are looked on with a bit of suspicion. If  you've got a dog with you all is good. So, burglars, just bring a dog with you and nobody will pay you any attention at all.

She really got into playing with a big squeaky toy yesterday, along with the new dragon toy. We had gotten her a big reindeer toy that was in the cheap toy bin at Petco the day we adopted her and she hadn't paid much attention to it yet, still getting used to her new house, but  yesterday she tore into that reindeer, shaking it and flipping it and carrying it around. Then she settled down and proceeded to chew both arms off of it. Fun!

I had also gotten her some rawhide dental chew things, one of which she tried to bury in Keith's bed pillows and then in the cat bed. I washed my clothes yesterday and found it in with my dry clothes, I can only guess that she tried to bury it in my laundry before I got the basket to the washing machine. I threw that one away and gave her another one only to find it buried in the cat box this morning. Surprise!

So, my Christmas so far is just like any other day, I've washed sheets and cleaned cat boxes and have absolutely nothing planned since nobody is home but me. I was going to bake some cookies before Christmas but only got as far as buying the ingredients. They sounded really good until it came time to bake them, but maybe later? Ha ha. I did buy some stuff to make chicken pot pie soup and Mimi's cafe corn chowder to have in the fridge for lunches and dinners the next couple of days. I've been doing salads and turkey burger patties this week and am getting really sick of salads and turkey burger patties. 

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