Friday, December 26, 2014

Pink Doggy Coat

Last night Joe, Elizabeth and the kids came by for a little while, bringing me a plate of food from their Christmas dinner at her mother's house which I really appreciated since Christmas dinner for me was the corn chowder that I made for lunch. The kids got their presents, Lego sets that they opened up and started working on right away. They have the coolest Legos now, in particular the ones for girls. They are incredibly expensive so I didn't get them the entire mall that costs about $120.00 despite me wanting to play with it myself. I got them each one of the smaller kits, a bake shop and a fruit smoothie shop and they are just amazingly fun looking.

So cool, imagine the lego girls at about 1 1/2" tall and you get an idea of the scale. Tiny!

Keith got home about 4 this morning so having access to the car I went to run some errands and get a dog coat and better harness for Millie. We'll be having our coldest weather of the year for the next 6 weeks or so and don't want little Miss to be shivering on her daily walks. Dog coats cost more than people coats I think. I found her a cute pink coat that didn't have any frilly crap on it like the coat with a tutu hanging off the bottom of it that I saw.

Here she is ready for her walk in her new coat.

It has little fake pockets on he sides and a sherpa collar! So stylish.

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