Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Playing With My New Dragon

If there is anyone out there other than my family who actually reads this blog, then you are the only ones who don't know that we added a little dog to the family last weekend.

It was not planned nor had we been thinking about getting a dog, having oh so many cats already and not sure how the cats would take to a dog running about the house, but Keith was passing by Petco last Saturday afternoon, going into Foods Co to buy (yes) beer, and they were having a dog adoption event outside Petco with lots of dogs in crates all ready to adopt. He fell in love with a little Chiweenie (part dachsund and part chihuahua) and came home wanting to know if he could get a dog.

After much deliberation and petting the dog through the crate we brought her home. Since she is smaller than the cats they were all kind of like whatever and so far everyone is getting along just fine. We took her with us on Sunday to the family holiday get together and dinner and while she spent most of the day on Keith's lap, being a little shy, she eventually made friends with Joe's puppy Boots, who was totally in love with her, and the day was fun and nobody got bit.

Each day she is a little more comfortable, getting to know her backyard and making herself quite at home. I've taken her for a walk each morning, two times to Office Depot to drop off packages, and then this morning all the way to Petco to pick out a new toy. She really seems to like the walk and runs out the front door so fast that she knocks into the plastic chairs that are by the door. We got a squeaky dragon toy that she seems to like and I was going to try and take some pictures but figured a movie was much easier with a kind of hyper little dog.

She was found running across the freeway here in town and a woman took her in, not realizing that she was pregnant. She had three puppies that were also up for adoption and no, I didn't want a puppy that would be getting into everything and chewing everything up. She has lots and lots of fleas, so we gave her a bath and when Keith gets home we will give her some topical flea stuff and hopefully get rid of them. We'll probably also have to give all the cats flea stuff too, I'm assuming they have them too now.

She seems like she will be a good little companion, she likes to be close by you most of the time (even when you are on the toilet of course) and last night sat on the rug outside the shower until I was done. She's slept with Keith when he's been home and last night spent the night cuddled next to me. Taking her for walks will be good for all of us, a little exercise is something we definitely need. Get our fat lazy butts outside each day.

Her name is Millie but I keep wanting to call her Molly and we probably should have just named her Kitty because I have told her that she is a good little kitty quite a few times already.

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