Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Millie And Bob The Sad Bear (Oh And We Still Have All Those Cats Too)

I got Millie a couple of the cheap toys from the cheap toy bin at Petco and one of them was a little yellow bear that I have since named Bob after the terribly tasteless but funny joke about what do you call a guy with no arms and no legs swimming in the ocean? BOB of course. That is the first thing I thought of as I watched Millie methodically chew off poor Bob's arms and legs one at a time over the course of a couple of days. Bob's last leg was chewed off this morning. See how sad he looks?

Millie was at one end of the bed today, Harri at the other. Everyone still seems to be getting along okay except for a few grumbles from Pepper, who is cranky and grumbly all the time anyway, and today a hiss from Bear. Millie has found her bark and is going to be one of those annoying yappy little dogs that bark at just about everything. We have barked at kids riding skateboards down the street, cats in the yard across the street, other dogs, but so far no barking at any of our cats, probably since they were here first and she sees them as extensions of us.

We took a short walk today, it being cold and gloomy out and starting to sprinkle. I checked the weather report before Keith left for his train this morning and it did not have rain in the forecast so of course it has been raining all afternoon. Which is good. Because we desperately need rain here.

We have walked every day since Millie came home with us, me doing all the walking of course despite Keith's kid like promise of taking care of the dog. Ha ha. He did walk with us yesterday but only around the block. Millie just loves him, though, he is the fun parent I guess, although she did act like I'd been gone for days this morning when I came home after dropping Keith off at work and doing a few errands. It's always nice when Keith's goes out on a day train so I can have the car once in a while. I just always hope he doesn't come home in the middle of the night like the time I got called to pick him up at 2am after he had tried unsuccessfully to call a cab. The one cab company person who actually answered the phone didn't understand that he was at the BNSF railyard not the Amtrack and he finally gave up on trying to explain where he was. The other cab companies he tried didn't even answer the phone.

Anyway. Life with a little dog in the house does take a bit of getting used to but so far we are enjoying her company and it is nice to have someone so excited to see you when you walk in the door. Unlike the cats who just yawn and blink at you. Oh, were you gone?

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