Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Think It's Finally Over

My Christmas rush, that is. I took two bags full of packages to Office Depot early yesterday morning where I love that I can drop all my mail off, so much easier than driving to either of the post offices, both 7 miles away from the house in opposite directions. And considering that most days I don't have a car available, that would be a really really long walk or bike ride.

Then I came home and worked on more orders and made a second trip with a few more packages to Office Depot before the 3:30pm pickup, then worked on the final few orders and will take them over to drop off a little later this morning.

And no new orders in the queue.

I am ready for a little break, there are a lot of new spring things that I want to work on and the bathroom is in need of a good cleaning. Not that I'm anxious to do that, I don't mind most any type of cleaning but something about the bathroom has me putting it off day after day until you just can't stand it anymore.

We've eaten out a bunch these past two days, Keith wasn't watching his start count on trips out and ended up on forced layoff rest days yesterday and today and is lined up for an evening train tonight. We need to get the car smogged which means a tune up first so hopefully it will pass. He took the car over yesterday but they were too busy to get to it, so has taken it back over this morning and will either go get some breakfast while he waits or walk back home. We are hoping it won't cost too much money to get it all done and ready for new tags. Then of course we have to pay for the tags.

Anyway, eating out.

I picked him up from work Sunday evening and there was really nothing in the house to fix for dinner so we went to Spencers for ho hum just adequate food. He got some ribs that he did like and I had some bbq chicken that was just chicken. Then yesterday we went to Coco's for lunch and then last night took Joe and Elizabeth to Red Lobster, a place that I had only eaten at once before, it being a bit pricey and I'm not all that big on seafood.

We had a really nice attentive waitress and each of us got the two item combo but after having one of their (yum) cheddar bay biscuits and the salad that comes with the dinner it was hard to finish my two items, coconut shrimp and salmon. I shared the coconut shrimp with everyone else, good shrimp but I was just getting too full to eat it all. I don't really like the actual shrimp part of shrimp, but the coconut crispy coating was very good. I like fried shrimp but really only for the cocktail sauce that you dip it in. Kind of like a kid with a bowl full of carrots and ranch dip. Stick the carrot in the dip, lick it off and re-dip.

So, I think we've spent enough money on eating out despite my dream of eating all my meals out so that I never have to cook again.

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