Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Let's Go RVing! And Some Sweet Stuff

We don't have an RV or camper or any of that kind of stuff, but yesterday we saw an RV park that kind of makes you want to go out and buy an RV just so you could stay in the park.

We drove just a tiny bit outside of town to a fruit stand that we had stopped at once before where I knew they carried the flavored almonds and other sweet things repackaged into their own bags with their own labels on them, intending to send them to Keith's brothers as gifts. It's really hard to think of something to send them, the past few years we've done gift cards for restaurants which seems really silly when you exchange gift cards with people. Why not just each keep that $25.00 or so and take your own selves out to eat, but hey, it's the thought that counts and all that.

Anyway, some honey orange almonds and other goodies sounded like a good gift to send, so off we went to The California Fruit Depot which is just off Hwy 58 on the way to Tehachapi and a little closer and with a better selection of sweet stuff that our usual Murray Farms fruit stand. Keith missed the offramp because he thought we were going to Murray Farms despite my telling him we were not, so we had to get off at the next one and backtrack down a few narrow country roads through the fields and orchards. Which is why we didn't see the Orange Grove RV park right next to the fruit stand until we were turning down the road to the fruit stand. Which is in the middle of orange groves. And I'm assuming also owns the Orange Grove RV park right next door. Which is IN AN ORANGE GROVE!

I first noticed picnic tables under orange trees and then noticed RVs parked next to orange trees and kind of went, hey! what is this? And how cool!

It really looked pretty, way nicer than the few pictures I found on the internet, orange trees covered in oranges and clean driveways in between them. It's not too far off of the freeway, but it seemed like it would be so peaceful to spend the night there. Then just reach out your RV window and pick some oranges for fresh juice in the morning.

Not that Bakersfield is exactly a big RV destination, but if you are passing through on your way to someplace much nicer, like Yosemite or the ocean and need a place to stop for the night, here you go.

We did buy a bunch of almonds and festive peppermint topped white chocolate coated pretzels and some chocolate covered dried apricots (something a little different) and some sunkist fruit gems, so we got the gifts covered and now all I have to do is pack them up and mail them out.

You get to sample everything before you decide what to buy, little containers are in front of each thing they sell, and the selection is huge, so you could really get full if you sampled everything. Then on the way out you can take an orange for the road for free. Not that I like oranges, I am not big on citrus fruits, but Keith likes them.

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