Saturday, December 6, 2014

Just A Vacuuming Fool

It's been another busy week, what with cleaning house with my NEW VACUUM! My new vacuum that I've been using almost every day since last Saturday when I bought it. I wasn't actually planning on buying a new vacuum last Saturday but when I walked into Target with the intent of buying some printer ink early that day and saw a display of Shark vacuum cleaners on an incredibly cheap Black Friday sale price oh so cleverly placed right by the entryway, I came home with one.

Our old vacuum still worked okay but definitely did not pick up all of what it really should pick up and I had been seeing the ads for Shark vacuums on TV and when I saw that I could get one at $70.00 off plus my 5% Target check card savings, well heck, there would never be a better opportunity to get one.

And I love it, if you can love a vacuum cleaner. It's a lot lighter than the old one and a lot quieter and it has a lift away canister with a bare floor attachment that comes with a washable swiffer type pad on it, along with the usual crevice tool and upholstery tool. It even comes with a shoulder strap for the canister for really big jobs. So far I think I've used it every day since I bought it.

I also kind of like to hum the Jaws theme while I'm vacuuming. Duh duh...duh duh duh duh duh duh...

In other just as exciting news, we did get that wonderful rain day this week. It was so enjoyable, it was a warm system so we were able to have the windows and front door open so we could hear the raindrops and occasional downpour. The sun came out in the late afternoon and everything looked so bright and clean. First time we've had a good storm in a very very long time.

Keith stayed home an extra day this week, I wasn't feeling real well one day with some of the dizziness that I get on occasion with my weird ear thing and he decided me not feeling well was a good excuse to put in for a layoff. I made him clean up the back yard after the storm, it being incredibly full of leaves, and then yesterday he decided to pull the old nasty carpet out of the bedroom and just have bare cement until we can afford to put in wood or something else.

It is pretty disgusting when you see what is under carpet that has been in place for about 20 years.

He took the carpet out in strips, moving furniture where necessary, and got it out of the house by taking the screen off of the window and tossing it into the back yard where I'm sure it will sit for quite a while. Of course with the screen open every fly in the neighborhood decided to come inside so we spent the evening swatting flies. Buddy also found the open no screen window quite exciting, he would jump out the window, wander about for a bit, come to the back door that I would open for him, then go back out the window and repeat. Mimi also found this a whole lot of fun. I finally made Keith shut the window in between tosses of carpet. Enough flies in the house and cats outside the house already.

After he was done with the carpet he went to bed for a nap and then left for work about midnight last night.

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