Thursday, December 11, 2014

Unusual Scene Outside My Window

Well, first off a storm coming is unusual for us, the wind is blowing and rain is supposed to start tonight. The news last night had a story about how people are being advised to take down big holiday decorations, in particular those big blow up santas and such, otherwise they may blow on down the street. The spokesman for the CHP talked a bit about how if you see something blocking the road (big blow up santas for example) you should call 911 because it is an emergency. He was talking more along the lines of downed tree limbs and power lines, but I'm sure a big blow up santa will end up on some road somewhere in town.

So, while waiting for the storm and listening to the wind chimes bang around and a few trash cans blowing over, wind chimes that I will take down before nightfall and I'll also bring the trash can in, today being trash day and it's still sitting on the curb, I was working on some stuff in the front room and glanced out the window to see this.
Yes, that is an UPS delivery man on a bicycle with two trailers behind it delivering packages. He actually had a package for me, some glue that I ordered from an online office supply store, glue that Office Depot has not had in stock for a long time so why not just have it delivered to my door? Since he came to my door I just had to ask about the bike, never having seen a UPS guy delivering packages this way before. Apparently the truck drops the bike off and away he pedals. Or in today's case, pushes the bike because it's very windy outside and unless the wind is behind you it's really difficult to go riding off. You don't get very far with each pedal and it takes a lot of effort to go just a little ways, speaking from experience here. I try to avoid riding in the wind so it's a good thing we don't get all that windy here very often or I'd never ride the bike anywhere.
I also find my front yard flower bed a little unusual, maybe not for Bakersfield but when you think that it's almost halfway through December and winter starts in a week or so, flowers blooming away does seem a little strange.

Most of my flowers started out as those little six pack flowers with just like one bud on them and I can't believe how big they've gotten and how much they bloom. They really like where they are I guess, getting direct sun all day long. On sunny days anyway.

We also have some wildflowers in the other front flower beds, fall blooming ones that were in the mix of seeds Keith tossed in the dirt last spring. I'm glad the fall wildflowers don't get as big as the spring ones did, those were a bit much. The delicate yellow blossoms are the wildflowers. I have no idea what they are, but they are pretty.
I had a lovely surprise from one of the cats early this morning (probably Harri) when I staggered out of bed around 4:30 to go to the bathroom and stepped in something wet and soggy right outside my door and I'm so glad it wasn't poop but rather a hairball. A hairball is bad enough to step in when you are barefoot but poop is a lot worse and I know this from experience.

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