Friday, November 28, 2014

Okay I Lied

About no Black Friday shopping.

I did ride the bike over to Michaels this afternoon after realizing that there was a 40% off coupon on your entire purchase good only today in the circular I had put aside. I got some crafty things that I needed and fortunately the store wasn't all that busy so it was in and out quickly. The parking lot was totally nuts, though, what with it being in a big shopping center, so riding the bike was the way to go today! Park it right outside the door and then ride off, keeping a close eye on all the cars because they certainly don't keep a close eye out for people on bikes.

I was really hungry, too, there not being a whole lot of anything appetizing in the house to eat so stopped by Rubio's for a bean and cheese burrito to go. I have tried their chicken burritos and really didn't like the taste of the chicken so the only thing I get there is the bean and cheese. I do like their salsa a whole lot and they put a little in the burrito so it's not so plain. I've gotten bean and cheese burritos other places and they were basically inedible.

Speaking of inedible, I really do keep trying to come up with meals that are easy and taste good, and keep trying to use the crock pot to make things so that I'm not cooking when I'm the most tired in the late afternoons. However, I have come to the conclusion that the crock pot is only good for things like soup and chili, every single time (and I mean every. single. time.) I have put any kind of meat in there it comes out so dry that you feel like you are choking on it. Also tasteless.

Yesterday for example. I found a recipe for chicken and butternut squash in a citrus sauce that sounded okay and easy. It was easy but not okay, the chicken was horrible and dry and even with a citrus sauce on it, tasteless. The butternut squash was not much better, I think I prefer my butternut squash with brown sugar and butter, not an orange juice/soy sauce based flavor. So, a total waste of food, time and energy.

I did find a way to make cooking butternut squash much easier, though. I really like it and it's good for you and for a vegetable, it actually fills you up, but trying to cut one in half to bake is something you need a chain saw for. I would always have Keith cut it for me, but with him gone so much now it means no squash if he's not home.

I tried frozen squash and all I can say is no. Trader Joe's sells pre-cut bags of it that you can microwave but I hardly ever go to Trader Joe's. Getting to it is a hassle and their parking lot is a hassle and I always spend too much. I tried peeling and cutting one up to make a whipped squash recipe that I found, it tasted good but the prep was beyond ridiculous. Peeling a butternut squash is no easy feat and trying to cut it up into cubes even harder. Again, a chain saw is needed.

There had to be a better way, so I googled and found that if  you pierce the squash all over with a fork and then put it in the microwave for 3 minutes on high, it is much much much easier to peel and cube. Actually 3 1/2 minutes is even better.

After microwaving, cut off the ends, stand it up and peel. Better yet, cut it in half width wise after cutting off he ends and stand both halves up to peel. Then cube. To make whipped squash you  just boil it in water for 20 minutes or so, drain, put in some butter and brown sugar, mash or whip and yum!

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Mom said...

I haven't use the crockpot for years, but Linda uses hers (which has a nice removable "pot" which mine doesn't, so it's easy to clean.) She does all kinds of things in it, so you should ask her for suggestions on how to make recipes come out well.
Had Thanksgiving dinner at her house, and came home with enough leftovers for 2 big meals, but I'll make it 3 smaller ones.