Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast?

And I guess I really need to dust more often.

Keith got in sometime late last night, all I know is that I woke up about 3am to go to the bathroom and he was home and just getting ready for bed. He had just left me a note that he wouldn't be home long and to not wake him up or make too much noise in the morning. I did talk with him for a few minutes before going back to bed, he said that he was scheduled to go back out around noon.

He got up around 11 or so, still waiting for his call, and we decided to go see what fast food places were open and grab something to eat before he had to leave. So, our big feast was Arby's, a roast beef sandwich for me and a turkey club sandwich for him. So there was turkey involved and actually Arby's market sandwiches that come on regular bread really do look good, freshly sliced meat along with lettuce and tomato, they look exactly like a sandwich you would make at home.

And that was our Thanksgiving dinner, he just left on a long trip to Needles instead of Barstow, although they still pass through Barstow, and he doesn't mind the longer trip at all because it means more money paid to him. He may even get holiday pay on top of it, so we really don't mind missing Thanksgiving at all. We can always cook turkey when he gets back.

As I'm getting up from the table after we ate lunch, I noticed something like a string in the air by the cupboard and candle holder and did a bit of a double take to find that a very tiny spider was building a very tiny spiderweb from the corner of the cupboard to the candle holder. I felt kind of bad destroying his web and realized that I really should get out that duster more often.
Mimi found another box to lay in, I was using this box in my closet to hold stuff and got it out to hold some other stuff while I was organizing things, and empty box? Perfect Mimi spot.
That box is from Zappos, from whom earlier this year I ordered my annual crocs, and if you ever want to order shoes on the internet, that is the place to do so. Great service, good prices, and if you call them up their customer service people are incredibly cheerful and happy. They must pay pretty well or give them some kind of happy pills.

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