Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Shopping? How About Small Business Saturday Instead

No Black Friday shopping for me!

I have never ever ever done any Black Friday shopping except for the time I was cleaning house the day after Thanksgiving and decided to replace my nasty plastic kitchen trash can so went to Walmart FORGETTING IT WAS BLACK FRIDAY to buy a new trash can. This was back when we were living in the trailer park in Ventura and I had already thrown my old trash can in the big trailer park trash dumpster and didn't want to dumpster dive to get it back so had to stand in line at Walmart for about 30 minutes to get one lousy plastic trash can.

Anyway, shopping on the busiest day of the year does not appeal to me at all.

I did buy one thing today though, I dropped some packages for the mail at Office Depot where the friendliest (and I mean that, they really are some cheerful employees) people work and on my way out saw a giant package of printer paper for $3.99. So the extent of my Black Friday shopping was a total of about $4.25 including sales tax. Big spender here!

Now, tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, an event that started a few years back to bring attention to the many small businesses in America that struggle every day to compete against the Walmarts of the world. We've done our part each year, or at least tried to, by going downtown and maybe having lunch at a local cafe and shopping in the antique stores. We like to shop in antique stores from time to time anyway, so no hardship to do it on Small Business Saturday!

So, if you have any money left after your shopping frenzy today, have lunch at a locally owned restaurant tomorrow or do some shopping at your locally owned stores. If you can't or don't want to go out to shop, go over to Etsy and do some small business shopping there. I've done quite a bit of shopping on Etsy this year but I can't share everything that I've bought with you until after the holidays since they are gifts and I don't want to ruin the surprise. I've gotten some great things, though!

I bought the cats some new cat beds at Walmart, they have special holiday cat beds that are only $6.98 and you can't beat that price for a cat bed. Bear was sleeping in the one in the corner of the bedroom so Mimi of course had to squeeze herself in alongside Bear.
And again, I really need to keep up on the dusting. I did get the floors vacuumed this morning and the front bedroom dusted and am in the process of washing all the bedding, but as I was going by the candle holder where the one little spider was trying to live, I noticed more spider web at the bottom of the candle holder. Then, while dusting the whole thing found about 5 more little spiders living in the glass candle cup that was inside the candle holder. Sorry, kids, you are not living here!

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