Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Busy Busy Busy And Not Much Else

It's been a busy week or so, trying to work on Christmas stuff and get it in the shop before it's too late, and of course while I'm working on Christmas stuff I get ideas for other non-Christmas stuff and get sidetracked working on those before the inspiration leaves me.

I also try as best as I can to keep the house halfway clean, which you'd think with a tiny house and only two people living in it, one of whom is only here every other day or so would be easy. But it's not. Other than cat messes and  cat hair and cat toys all over the place and cat food dishes to wash out, there are the human messes on top of it all. I'm a put it away as you go kind of person, put the food back in the fridge or cupboard when you are done with it, wash the dishes as you are cooking, put the scissors back in the cup holder after you use them, that sort of thing. Keith is a leave everything where it lays kind of person. Put some creamer in your coffee? Leave the creamer jug on the counter. Make a sandwich? Leave the meat, cheese, bread and mayo on the counter.

I was out working in the back yard on Monday, cleaning up overgrown plants and pulling weeds and moving the stack of bricks that had been sitting where they shouldn't have been sitting for months and months. I swept part of the patio, it's really a mess now with the leaves falling all day long, and the gap between the patio and fence was full of rotting leaves and stuff, so sweeping and raking and stuffing it all in the green waste bin, and by the time I was done with only half of the yard I could hardly move my tendonitis inflicted arm.

The next day Keith was home and he said he would finish the yard while I rested my arm. Ha! He did a little bit of work but the yard is far from finished so...

While I was out back I saw Lucy sitting on the little fence around one of the planter boxes doing that sizing up thing when a cat wants to jump somewhere and she jumped from the little fence about 5 feet up into the tree by the patio cover. She got way way out on the small branches and I was a little worried that she might fall out of the tree, but she is pretty sure footed and made her way from the tree to the top of the patio cover where she wandered about a bit. She made it back down from the patio by climbing down the ladder Keith had left there. So that was about the only time not putting something away after using it came in very handy.

It was late in the day when I was trying to take pictures of her in the tree so not many of them came out very well.

The second picture shows the short jump from tree to patio cover.

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