Friday, November 14, 2014

Kitties On The Couch and Cursing At Walmart

Monorail kitties!

Then Buddy decided that the paparazzi were annoying him. No pictures please!
And now for the cursing part.

Earlier in the week I stopped in at Walmart to buy a few things. I stop in at Walmart and/or Target every few days, they are both so handy and right around the corner. I usually have a few packages to drop at Office Depot, where they are so kind as to have a postal drop off place, and then it's either continue on in the same shopping center to Walmart or across the street to the other shopping center where Target is. The only thing we are missing is a book store and maybe a movie theatre, not that we ever go to the movies, but seriously, I can buy just about anything we need within walking distance.

Anyway, Walmart only had one checkout open so I decided to use the self checkout area which I know will frustrate the heck out of me but I had started to feel a little dizzy while walking around and just wanted to pay and go, not stand in line at the one checkout that was open. I have a thing where my ears get weird and the little calcium rocks that normally stay in one place in your ears get out of balance and it makes your ear feel plugged up and makes you feel odd and dizzy and it's time to go home when that starts up. I did feel better after I got home, but in the meantime was trying to use the self checkout and it started up with the 'unexpected item in bagging area' and 'wait for assistance' and all the other stuff that self checkouts tend to do and after a few times of this I had just about had enough and I said BAD WORD THAT STARTS WITH F AND ENDS WITH K this BAD WORD THAT STARTS WITH S AND ENDS WITH T. Kind of loudly too, and I was so ready to f this s and just leave all the crap there on the checkout and in the basket and walk out of the place.

The older than me senior citizen Walmart employee that was stationed at the self checkout area of course heard me and then came over to help me finish checking out. I'm sure she hears lots of bad words every single day and has gotten used to frustrated self checkout users and curses the day that Walmart installed them.

I really don't like to see them in stores, they can be faster than waiting in line but it means a few less people have a job.

I've been having a busy week other than shopping and cursing in Walmart, I'm trying to get all my Christmas products finished up, photographed and listed in my shops in between filling orders. I've been doing so much paper cutting, rolling glue on, and then cutting again that my shoulder, which was diagnosed with tendonitis a few years back and actually I've had trouble with for about 15 years now, has been quite achy lately. I was using some topical heat stuff but then got some near my eye (accidentally, duh) and thought maybe I should get something less likely to go places where it doesn't belong and got a few different brands of pain patches to try out. So far I'm liking the Icy Hot ones, they don't get icy or hot but they do seem to keep the pain at bay. Plain old Bayer aspirin a couple of times a day helps too.

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Mom said...

Oh, glad to hear those Icy Hot patches work. I get lower backaches at times (especially just after I get out of bed after lying in one position too long) and ought to try those.
I've never used a self-check-out yet, though Linda says she always does at Fresh and Easy....I like dealing with the nice checkers we have at Vons these days. I'm fairly sure they're not going to foul things up!