Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's Nucking Futs I Tell You!

I'm having a crazy busy weekend, a good kind of busy but it's nuts! It all started Friday evening when instead of watching TV I was working on my Etsy shops, trying to get all the holiday stuff listed before it's too late for people to order. As I was working away, orders kept coming in. I don't usually get a whole lot of orders a day, just a few, so to have all of these orders start pouring in all at once was wonderful but a little nerve wracking.

The way I work now in the gift tag/postcard and now new chipboard ornaments shop is to make up one set of whatever, photograph it, then list it with a little asterisk in the title so that I know I have one set in stock. I make the quantity available more than one, after realizing that hey! sometimes people may want more than one set. So, once the first set of whatever sells (if it does, some don't) I make any other sets after someone orders them. It saves me a lot of work on keeping things in stock that may not sell, but it also means for a busy day or two if I get more than a few orders. Print, cut, glue, cut again, add ribbon ties on the tags and repeat.

And wow, have I been busy this weekend! I have another 5 orders that came in today as I was working packing up the orders from Friday and yesterday, so right now I'm printing up all the images and then will cut, glue, cut again, add ribbon ties on the tags, and repeat.

I also sold a whole bunch of pins in the pin shop, fortunately those are already made and in stock, but it takes a while to find them all, make their little matching paper bags that I ship them in, and then pack those all up in a box or envelope. I had one order for 19 pins and one for 9 and each of those seemed like they took about an hour to get done and ready for the post office.

Not that I am complaining! It's wonderful but a little nuts right now!

Here is what I have so far to take to the post office tomorrow.
I'm not sure how many orders are in these 3 bags, but it's taken me all day to get them packed up!

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