Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Give Me A Biscuit!

I woke up late this morning, about an hour later than usual, and when I opened up the blinds to go out and feed Genie the pavement was all wet. Did it rain last night? It must have sprinkled because when I went out front to feed Lucy the street was wet but under the tree was dry. That's how you can tell when it's just a light drizzle or whatever, it doesn't make it through the leaves on the tree to the patio bricks under it.

That was a surprise, though, there was no mention of rain on the weather report last night, just a possibility for later in the week.

Our neighbors behind us have two dogs in their backyard, two dogs that always seem kind of bored and lonely and used to bark at us when we'd go out back. Until we discovered that giving them biscuits under the fence would eventually stop the barking.

Now they wait by the fence if they hear us out there. The one dog is very patient and will lay down, keeping his eye on that gap under the fence, but the other dog is a snarling bully and when you put the biscuits under the fence he wants both and will snap at the other dog. They do both eventually get their biscuit although sometimes I've had to get an extra one because bully dog got both of them.

Oh please give me a biscuit!

Okay, in another topic, do not try this at home! I have a hard time coming up with stuff for me to eat when Keith is gone and get busy and don't feel like stopping to cook something. There are lots of fast food places nearby where I could go get something, but I'm not supposed to eat that kind of stuff and fast food salads are really kind of disgusting and I could just make my own salad if I weren't too lazy to cut up the ingredients.

So, while shopping in Target yet again I took a look at ready to eat stuff and got this Jack Daniels chicken breast in whiskey sauce thing. I warmed it up according to the directions and started cutting into a piece and when my steak knife hardly made a dent in the chicken breast I knew something was up.

Toughest piece of chicken I've ever tried to eat and I spit out the one bite I did manage to hack off with my steak knife. What a waste of about $7.00, totally inedible. I should have known better, packaged food is usually just not very good, and I sort of though maybe we had tried the Jack Daniels brisket at one time and it was like eating the bottom of a shoe. I thought the chicken might be better, but boy was I wrong! Don't waste your money on their food, and Jack Daniels, maybe you should just stick to whiskey.

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