Sunday, October 5, 2014

Shopping For Clothes And Old Lady Pants

I really don't like to shop for clothes, but a couple of times a year I do need to buy things to wear since clothes do wear out after being worn and washed over and over again. I don't need a whole lot of clothes since I don't go anywhere that requires an extensive fashionable wardrobe, but with cold weather coming soon it's time to get some cold weather clothes.

And you have to shop for cold weather clothes while it's still hot outside because once you get into winter all the stores will be carrying the spring and summer clothes and if you are cold and need a jacket or a sweater you are simply out of luck because they will be nowhere to be found.

So, yesterday afternoon I rode the bike over to the shopping center and went to Dress Barn and Kohls to see what they had. Not a whole lot unless you like ugly clothes, but I did find a few fall/winter type tops that actually look okay and seem like they will be comfortable to wear.

Because comfort is everything. I've never been a fashionable person despite all attempts to become one in my younger days, I just can't stand wearing a lot of clothes and can't stand things that feel binding or too tight or are around my neck (turtlenecks for example) or make me too hot or get in my way or are just NOT COMFORTABLE. This is why we old folks wear goofy looking clothes. ITS ALL ABOUT THE COMFORT!

Okay, so a few tops are now in my closet waiting for cooler days, but how about some new pants? I've always bought jeans for the most part but lately my jeans have even been bugging me, either too loose and I have to wear a belt so that I'm not constantly tugging them up, or the waistband irritates me, or the legs are too long and I have to roll them up, or in the case of the weather right now, just too darn hot!

I went over to Walmart this morning hoping to find a few things, but almost every piece of clothing in Walmart is either ugly or too cheap looking or a combination of ugly and cheap looking, but I did try on a pair of old lady elastic waist pull on pants and you know what? THEY ARE WONDERFUL! Yes, they are kind of goofy looking, but SO COMFORTABLE! They also don't have big baggy legs like so many pants, they are nice narrow legged at the bottom and lightweight enough material so they won't be hot, and the waistband feels so much better than the waistband on my jeans, and yes, it's even more official that I am an old lady and I really think I'm going to love my new old lady pants.

They are also really handy when you need to go to the bathroom. No unbuttoning and unzipping, just pull them down and go!

I'm going to go back and get a few more pairs.

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