Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Popcorn Anyone?

Now I really don't care much for popcorn. I worked at KMart a long long long time ago back when I was in high school and at that time KMart had a little deli kiosk in the front of the store where we sold disgusting submarine sandwiches that we would make before the store opened, dozens and dozens and dozens of disgusting submarine sandwiches complete with watered down mustard on them. Yes, we were told to add water to the mustard and then squirt it on the sandwiches. We were also told to take the lunch meat off of the unsold sandwiches at the end of the day, wash it off, and reuse it the next day. Gag.

These stupid sandwiches were a huge seller despite the watered down mustard and washed off lunch meat, maybe because they were like 3 for a dollar and maybe because the sandwich shop chains that are all over the place now did not exist in the early 70's. Fast food back then was pretty much limited to McDonalds and Taco Bell.

But what do submarine sandwiches have to do with popcorn? Well, not only did we sell sandwiches but we had a popcorn machine, Icee machine, and a nut counter where you scooped up nuts into little paper bags for people.

The popcorn and Icees were even more popular than the sandwiches, and after popping and bagging and popping and bagging popcorn hundreds of times a day you got to where you really didn't want to see another kernel of popcorn ever again. The added bonus of selling popcorn all day was that you went home smelling of it.

It was quite a few years before I could eat popcorn again and even then only on rare occasions.

Keith likes popcorn, though, he likes it a lot, so when I went up to Vons early Saturday morning and saw some cute little cub scouts outside selling their cub scout popcorn, I decided I would buy some.

They were very cute little boys but not very good salesmen, they were too busy eating little donuts and yelling POPCORN to actually give me a sales pitch, but I did buy a box of the microwave popcorn and a bag of popped popcorn with what was supposed to be dark and white chocolate drizzle on it. They also had bags of cheese popcorn and some other flavor that I can't remember.

The popcorn was not cheap, the box of microwave popcorn was $20 and the bag of chocolate drizzle was $18 but what the heck, it's for the cub scouts and the little boys were so cute in their little uniforms, and I actually had enough cash in my wallet.

The popcorn is really not all that good, though. I didn't try the microwave stuff since I just don't really like popcorn, but I'll eat just about anything that has chocolate drizzle on it, but they sure were stingy with the chocolate drizzle in the popcorn factory.

It was for a good cause, though, but I wish they sold cookies instead.

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PussDaddy said...

I too just bought some of this expensive popcorn. Except we got a very good salesman-he jumped right up in your face and was pretty aggressive.