Friday, October 3, 2014

Even More Boring Than Usual

What have we been doing lately? Um...not a whole heck of a lot. Keith's turnaround time is getting a little longer where he has a bit more time at home but he does seem to spend a great deal of that time sleeping.

He made a list of a few things he wanted to get done and didn't make it all that far, but did get the filter for the air conditioner slash heater vent thing cleaned. We have one of those that is initially expensive but is washable so you don't have to keep buying filters. He also had bought new towel bars and a matching toilet paper hanger for the bathroom and had installed the towel bars since the only towel bar we had in the bathroom was on the glass doors that we took down and until we got new towel bars we were hanging our towels on the doorknobs, but the toilet paper hanger laid around for weeks and weeks. He did get that put up. Finally. It's one of the kind that is open on one end so you don't have to take the little springy part off to replace the toilet paper roll, you just slide it on. Most houses should have these since human beings tend to be so very lazy about changing the toilet paper roll.

He was going to clean the barbecue and cover it up for the winter, but...that's not done yet. He was also going to finish the last two bricks of the sidewalk from the back door to the patio, I think that has been waiting to be finished for maybe 2 years now. That's not done yet, either.

Someday I would really like to see our backyard done. We'd like to cement the rest of it in, but that entails hiring cement guys (and then PAYING them) so that is still a future project. It's nice to have yards around your house but sometimes the maintenance of said yards can be quite overwhelming. That is probably why so many people have crappy looking back yards, us included. Sometimes I really do wish we lived in an apartment instead. So much less work and if something breaks you  just call the landlord.

Keith was cleaning and organizing his travel backpack, we finally got him a new bigger and better lunchbox, the one he had was really tiny, like six pack size tiny, and really wasn't big enough for all he needs to take on the road. He carries quite a bit of food and snacks because when you are on a train you can't have the engineer stop at the travel plaza to get some eats. The lunchbox we found is like a 12 pack size and the top has an expanding pouch that is perfect for his toiletries instead of having a toiletry bag inside his backpack. The now empty toiletry bag was laying on his bed and while it does not look like a comfortable pillow to me, it did to Buddy.

 So, the new fall TV season finally started and I'm really kind of underwhelmed. I've tried watching a few of the new shows and a few are okay, but just kind of okay. I do like the new Madame Secretary show that comes on right before one of my favorites, The Good Wife. I tried watching the How To Get Away With Murder but found the whole flashback/flashforward thing really annoying and don't think I'll be watching that again. Most of the new (and old) comedies are just plain old stupid and not funny at all. I did watch the Gracepoint or Pointgrace or whatever it's called on Fox last night and that's a keeper, very well done and I can't wait to see what happens next week. I'd like to check out Gotham on Fox but it's on opposite Big Bang and Big Bang will always win out.

I'm still doing a lot of reading, too. And cat box cleaning.

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