Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Let's Talk About The Weather

We don't get too much in the way of exciting or scary weather around here. It's pretty much either hot and dry or cold and dry and only a few months where it's the perfect mix of just right and dry. We may be able to finally turn off the a/c until next year soon and it'll be a month or two before the heater gets turned on. It was hot again yesterday afternoon but a cool front moved in last night so it might just turn out to be a no a/c day today.

However, the cold front that moved in last night really moved in with lots and lots of wind, and when you live where it is hot and dry and there are a lot of empty fields that make up a large part of the area around your town, lots and lots of wind means lots and lots of dirt being blown around. Lots and lots of dirt being blown around means dust storms with local highways having to be closed down because people can't see where they were going. And when you can't see where you are going on a highway, you tend to run into other cars. Think extremely heavy fog but gritty dirty fog.

It was quite windy last night and when it is windy Lucy gets a little freaked out, so I took a box outside to make her a hide from the wind space which she seemed to appreciate, crawling in it and letting me cover the top of the box with a towel so that the wind couldn't get her.

One good thing about the wind is that it blew all of the tiny leaves that have been falling from our backyard tree into nice piles against the flower beds and fences. I've been too lazy to go out and sweep up but now that the leaves are all in handy piles maybe I'll get myself out there today and clean some of it up. It will be a never ending project for the next few months, our big tree with the big leaves hasn't started dropping yet and that one makes a huge mess but at least the leaves are bigger, making them easier to sweep up?

Other than a dirty windy day there is nothing much else going on. I still haven't dusted the entryway bookshelf knick knacks but I am enjoying wearing my old lady pants. Oh, the comfort!

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