Saturday, October 18, 2014

I've Said It Before

And I'll say it again.

Having cats is a lot like having toddlers running about the house. Imagine seven small children instead of cats and you sort of get the same thing. They poop and pee and need feeding and need something to drink and they leave toys laying about the house and get bored if they aren't getting enough attention. Sometimes they vomit and they frequently keep you up at night. They also wake you up early in the morning wanting to be fed.

Like last night, Buddy wanted petting while I'm trying to sleep and he takes his big head and pushes against your hand and then flops down and shoves against you trying to get in the perfect position to where your hand that he has been pushing against is on his head. Pet me now.

They also leave presents for me in surprise locations, like the poo balls that I'll occasionally find way outside of the cat box and the still wet hair ball that I didn't know was on the couch until after I'd been sitting there for a while and laid my hand right on top of it. Complete with dried vomit around the hairball area. I don't know why the hairball was still wet and the vomit dry, but whatever, it was really disgusting.

I went and got my hair cut the other day, I really don't like going to get my hair cut, waiting my turn in the uncomfortable plastic chairs, reading three magazines while waiting, and then making small talk with the hair stylist. I always apologize for only coming in about once every 9 months or so, not one of their best customers that's for sure. I wanted chin length and got much shorter than chin length but that's okay because then I can wait even longer before I go back for another haircut.

I get to the point where my hair really starts bugging me, it gets put into a bun every day because I'm really too old for the ponytail look, hair hanging down annoys me these days, especially on hot days when the hair makes me feel even hotter. I spent most of my adult life with long hair having grown up in the long straight hair hippie days, but now that I'm old once again it is all about comfort.

It always feels weird for a while after getting a haircut, you're washing your hair and it's not there anymore, and brushing your hair and it's not there anymore.

Keith is going to be taking a few vacation days at the end of next week, we finally figured out how to sign up for vacation on the BNSF computer system, one of the main reasons he hasn't taken any before now. He also has to sign up for next year's vacation soon and I've told him to take it during spring and fall rather than when it's too hot to do anything in the summer time. He has always taken his birthday week off in June and it's usually been not all that much fun for him, doing things like getting colonoscopies and dental crowns, car repairs and such, or the one year when he was sick half the week. Hopefully spring and fall vacations will work out much much better.

We are planning on going to Fresno to the zoo on Friday and maybe even spending the night up there somewhere and maybe go through the Sequoias on the way back home. We will see, the best laid plans and all. Something may come up to thwart them.

He'll probably nap a lot, too, it does seem that he sleeps a whole heck of a lot on his days off. His last day off was spent by waking about 10, fixing breakfast, laying in the hammock, taking the sheets off of the bed to wash, then him napping on the bare mattress on and off for the rest of the day. I don't know how one human can sleep so much, but whatever.

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Mom said...

Surely you've not forgotten your father dozing off in his chair quite often, day or night! It was really bad when he worked changing didn't seem as if his interior clock ever quite got caught up!