Sunday, October 12, 2014

Birds Singing And Face Washing

I've been working on cleaning the house all morning and actually got almost all of it done! What?

The only part left is the entryway, which has a mirror/shelf thing that Keith built and a bookcase thing that Keith built that has lots of knick knacks on it and always eludes me when it comes time to dust it all. I don't know why that area is my toughest area in the house to clean, maybe because it is the entryway and when you are in any other room in the house you don't really see it and it's that old out of sight out of mind thing. But it does need dusting at least once in a while.

I did get the tile part of the floor by the front door mopped and did vacuum the rug in that area but that dang dusting may just wait until tomorrow. Or next week. Or the week after.

The dust rag and cleaner are sitting on the bookcase all ready for cleaning but knowing me I'll probably just let them sit there for awhile and then put them away. Without getting the dusting done.

I went shopping at Target the other day, well actually I go into Target almost every day, but I was looking in particular for some new face washing stuff, being extremely lazy about washing my face on a regular basis, usually just kind of washing it while I'm taking my shower, and now that my skin is almost 60 years old, it could probably use a little extra care. And moisturizing. And maybe even put a little makeup on it. Plus some rouge.

I am not one for spending big dollars on face washing stuff or creams or wrinkle remedies or any of that kind of thing, but if that's your thing and you can afford it, then by all means keep Clinique or whoever in business! Me, I'll find something a little cheaper thank you very much.

I did find something in the under $10.00 range, and so far I like it a whole lot. The cleansers don't leave your face feeling all dried out and itchy and the moisturizer/sunscreen goes a long way. So do the cleansers, you only need a little squirt for lots of suds.

I got a gel face wash and a couple of times a week exfoiliating scrub and the moisturizer/sunscreen. I don't remember exactly how much each of them cost, somewhere around 5 or 6 dollars. Target had a special where if you bought one and a People magazine you would get a $5.00 gift card, but I really didn't need a People magazine, having given up reading them a few years ago, so no gift card this time.

These really do seem to make my skin feel softer, cleaner, and not all dried out.

I've had the windows and doors open all morning (while actually cleaning) and the birds are really really happy happy today, chirping and singing and in general making nice noises outside. Very pleasant and so nice to have cooler weather at least until this afternoon when it gets hot again and the a/c comes back on.

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PussDaddy said...

I discovered the SIMPLE moisturizer not too long ago myself and love it. It's not too greasy.