Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little Poopy Paw Prints

So, this morning I was awakened at about 6:30 or so by an incredible stench coming from the cat box. I had heard Pepper scratching on the wall, she doesn't scratch in the cat box to cover her business, but rather against the wall and then leaves her stinky stuff uncovered. Then she runs away as fast as her fat body will carry her to get away from the smell.

I get up and go turn on the coffee and feed the impatient cats just like I do every morning, and then when I go back in the bedroom to make the bed I see paw prints all across the floor from someone who has stepped in poo and then tracked it across the floor.


I hadn't planned on using the Resolve carpet cleaning system (foam in a can and a scrubber brush mop thing that squirts the foam out for you) but really didn't want to look at poopy paw prints so as soon as Target opened off I went to get more cans of foam.

And you might as well clean the living room carpet while you've got the Resolve carpet cleaning system mop out, right?

It really does help freshen the carpets and makes the house smell good, but it gets a little expensive at 4 bucks a can and it takes 2-3 cans to do the living room. Someday I will get a new steam cleaner, or maybe just get rid of the carpets all together and have wood floors throughout the house. Someday.

Keith is on vacation for a few days, yesterday we went to Hobby Lobby to get some wind chimes that I had seen there, using their weekly 40% off coupon to knock down their rather expensive prices on decorative type stuff. Then we went to the Black Bear Cafe across the parking lot for lunch. Then Keith had to take a nap after we got home because shopping and lunch are so exhausting. I think he must have been a cat in a previous life. He does like to nap a whole lot.

Today he is supposed to be cleaning up the back yard, so far not much has gotten done and he is watching TV right now. I just finished watching the 10 episode Fargo TV series and he started watching it last night after I told him he should watch it instead of just flipping channels around. It is an excellent show if you get the chance to see it, and if you do see it you will find yourself saying 'well, heck' a lot, ya?

Tomorrow we are going to drive up to Fresno and go to the little zoo there and instead of driving back that evening will stay up there somewhere for the night and then meander back home on Saturday. We haven't taken any kind of vacation or road trip in quite a long time so we are both looking forward to it.

We saw Joe and Elizabeth yesterday, they are going to come over and feed the cats and clean the cat boxes for us while we are gone, so they came to get a key and feeding instructions. We took them out for pizza for dinner after the cat feeding instructions.

Joe finally got in to see a real doctor about his back instead of the quack doctor he has been going to, a specialist in back issues and other stuff, and he is feeling much better about things after talking with the new doctor. They are going to do a full back x-ray since the quack doctor didn't send all the x-rays over, but the doctor thinks a shot of steroids might help a whole lot before any kind of surgery is discussed and maybe no surgery at all if the shot works. Joe has been off work and without any income for a couple of months now, the quack doctor wouldn't sign paperwork so that he could get railroad disability but the new good doctor will get all that going for him and has given him a 6 week doctor's excuse.

We have been helping them out with bill and rent paying, not wanting to see them living in a car or maybe not even in the car if they couldn't make the payments. We are glad that we are actually able to help, if Keith didn't have the railroad job that Joe helped him get we definitely wouldn't have had the money to help. But, we would like to not have to pay his bills anymore, so the sooner he gets his disability the better!

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