Monday, September 29, 2014

Old Lady Cat Food

We've been getting a little worried about Genie, she seems so very thin, but I think part of it might be that we are used to incredibly fat indoor cats and a normal sized cat looks skinny to us. I do think she is a little too skinny, though, and have been trying out different foods to whet her appetite.

She doesn't much care for the dry food we feed the other cats and you have to be careful with which wet food you give her so she won't vomit up a mess for me to clean up. I got her the expensive canned food and she seems to be tolerating that and actually eating it, and then yesterday I got her a bag of Iams senior cat food. Specially made for old cats, which she definitely is being about 12 or 13 as near as we can figure. Maybe even older, who knows.

And, hallelujah! she likes the Iams! So do the indoor cats, who were intrigued by the sound of the bag opening and the pouring of food into Genie's bowl. I gave each of them a little handful and they liked it a lot, probably thinking they were treats. They do like their treats.

I don't remember exactly how long we have had our refrigerator, I know we got it before Keith put in the wood floors in the kitchen, so it's been at least 5 or 6 years. We got one of those refrigerators with the ice maker and ice and water dispenser on the freezer door, which is really nice for lazy folks who don't want to open the fridge to get some ice, and having cool filtered water at the push of a button does make it more likely that you will drink your water. The ice dispenser part of it didn't last long, though, breaking a few years ago. I really didn't want to pay someone to fix something that is so non-essential, the ice maker part still worked and really it's not that hard to open the door and scoop out some ice. We did have to cover the part where the ice is dispensed with some duct tape, though, because it got all full of frost and was a big big mess.

This weekend we got a new filter for the fridge, it being long overdue for replacement and the ice starting to taste funny, kind of like shrimp, and I'm sorry, shrimp flavored ice cubes in my iced tea is just not right. So, of course something goes wrong after we replaced the filter and now the water won't come out the dispenser.

Keith was wanting to call a repairman, but I'm of the opinion that we can live without both an ice and water dispenser and we will just go back to the olden days and keep a pitcher of water in the fridge, our tap water here actually being very tasty as long as it's cold, and we'll just get some ice cube trays, turn off the ice maker, and make our own non shrimp flavored ice cubes. Then when we get tired of that, we will buy a new refrigerator. But without the dispensers on the door, just an ice maker maybe.

Do you know how hard it is to find ice cube trays these days? Target did not have any other than a fancy no drip tray that came with a lid that cost $9.95 for just one tray, and Dollar Tree didn't have any, and I was thinking I may have to order some on the internet, but finally found some at Walmart this morning. Now all we have to do is not be lazy and actually refill the ice cube trays after we take the cubes out.


Mom said...

All those things that can go wrong with the "extras"!
And that's why I got a regular fridge, though I did insist on one with a pull-out bottom freezer (I got tired of bumping my head when i had to lean down to find things in the old fridge!)
I have a container for cubes on top of the cube trays, and when it's empty I refill the trays after dumping the cubes in the container, which seems to work pretty well.

Linda said...

Old kitties tend to develop a hyperactive thyroid, which raises their metabolism. They will get skinny, and even though they eat and eat, they can't regain weight. They also, just like older people. tend to lose muscle mass, especially in their hindquarters and back legs and middle. That's what happened with Wacket, who was on daily thyroid pills for at least the last couple of years of his life. It'd be cheaper to just keep giving Genie as much food as she will eat, rather than have her vet-checked and prescribed thyroid medication!