Friday, September 5, 2014

What I Did Today

I was going to title this post What I Did This Summer, shades of grade school first few days back writing assignment. Or did any of us actually have this assignment? Is it just stuff of fiction that every kid in America had to write about What I Did This Summer and how embarrassing for the kids who just watched cartoons for three months?

Which kind of sounds like our summer except maybe switch the cartoons for Dr. Phil.

It really has been rather dull and even though the calendar says September and we can hear the kids at the high school up the road cheering for their team on Friday nights, the stadium being just close enough to where we can hear the band practicing in the mornings and the crowd cheering on football evenings, there is nothing other than football even remotely fall like here.

It's still stinking hot.

So, what did I do today besides watch the grass get browner and browner? I had my periodontal maintenance teeth cleaning appointment this morning which is just an incredibly fun way to start your day! My new crown is still causing a lot of pain and I'm having to take aspirin about every 4 hours around the clock and it's also very sensitive to water being sprayed on it, so I made sure she was not going to use the high powered water cleaner thing anywhere near that crown, do that part by hand thank you very much.

I had left Keith still in bed where he had been since about 8 the night before and when I got home from my appointment he was just barely getting out of bed. He had put in for a rest day, which is actually a rest 24 hours that you can put in for after so many days of going out every 12 hours. If you go too many days without requesting your rest day you are forced to take one whether you want to or not and as far as getting paid goes, it's better to take the rest before it's mandatory.

So, I guess he got rested enough and as soon as the 24 hours were up he was back to work. I drove him over and dropped him off so that I could have the car for a change of pace even though there really wasn't any place that I needed to go. I get so hot and sweaty driving around town despite the air conditioner in the car being cranked as high as it will go, so I don't really enjoy driving around all that much but kind of wanted to go to the used bookstore.

So, I did. I got 17 books for 23 dollars and some change, a price that suits me just fine and if I start a book and can't really get into it, I don't feel obligated to keep reading because the book cost so much! I just toss it in the take to the Goodwill bag without a backwards glance.
I have been doing a lot of reading this summer, but I always do a lot of reading, so...

And that is what I did today. 

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Mom said...

Reading is good, and getting a lot of books for so little is really good!
I bought the latest Kathy Reichs (Tempe Brennan) book, but not at a cheap price.....lots of pages, though. And I found Diana Gabaldon's first book in paperback, also lots of pages. "Outlander" is being done, episode by episode, on Starz, but I don't get it without paying for it, and don't want to pay for just one weekly thing. I've read later books from the series, so was glad to find the first one. I'll try go see if any are at the used bookstore, though I haven't even gone there for ages.