Sunday, August 31, 2014

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was my birthday. And also our wedding anniversary, the year that we got married always escaping my memory so I always have to ask Keith how many years it's been. It was our 11th anniversary and as I told him, that's a long time so no wonder we get on each others nerves once in a while. Well, maybe more than once in a while if the truth be told.

It was birthday number 59, so enough said about that.

Since he was going to be working on the actual day we went out for dinner on Friday night. Nothing fancy, just over to J's place for some southern cooking. We had the most friendly waitress ever and the food is always good even though it's nowhere near low carb. Keith got some ribs and I got my usual southern enchiladas with corn, yams, and cornbread on the side. Then we took home some slices of german chocolate cake for dessert.

While we were waiting for our food, a couple about our age were seated in a booth right behind Keith and the entire time they were sitting, ordering, eating, each of them were on their own separate cell phones looking at stuff, texting, etc. They never looked at each other and never spoke a word to each other. The food came and the cell phones stayed in their hands while they ate with one hand and clicked the cell phone with the other. Maybe it was their wedding anniversary too, and they've been married so long that they just have absolutely nothing to say to each other anymore.

I thought cell phone addiction was a young person's problem but apparently not.

More fun with cockroaches yesterday. I keep Genie's food bowl on one of the little patio tables out back, if the food sits on the patio ants find it in about 2 seconds, and if it sits on the big patio table, the same thing, but the little patio tables have always been ant free which I really can't figure out since they get on the big patio table, but yesterday ants had found her food. They are little tiny ants and sometimes you don't see them at first until you realize that the food in the bowl is moving.

I got out our ant and roach spray to spray down the top of the table and the table legs and as I was spraying roaches started swarming out from the cracks between the patio bricks. Gross! Keith had gotten one of those big spray around the outside of your house and create a bug barrier jug things so I got that out and started spraying the entire patio, making sure Genie was up in her basket on the table of course, and it was like something out of a horror movie. Big cockroaches and little cockroaches all swarming up from under the patio bricks and running for their lives. I'm really surprised I didn't have nightmares about it last night.

For some reason the outdoor cockroaches are also called water bugs around here. I was told they could fly but I don't ever want to see that happening.

I found one of them in the bathroom last night. Mimi was sitting there staring at the corner behind the little trash can and sure enough, a big black nasty cockroach was running around. I got her out of the bathroom, shut the door, and went after that disgusting thing with the roach spray. Then after killing it I realized that I had just sprayed bug spray all over the carpet and linoleum floor and the floor was probably going to be slippery and the carpet wet where I'd sprayed so then wiped things up a bit and put down some towels so that I wouldn't be walking around in roach spray when I needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I also shut the doors so the cats wouldn't be walking around in roach spray.

Joe and Elizabeth along with daughter Ashly came by in the late afternoon to wish me a happy birthday. I knew they couldn't afford much and I was hungry and for some reason craving McDonalds so my birthday dinner was me buying hamburgers and fries for us all. I'm trying to help them out as much as I can because they are really having a tough time of things right now and I certainly don't mind buying them dinner in return for some company on my birthday. Plus it satisfied any Mcdonalds cravings for quite some time.

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Mom said...

Belated Happy Birthday!! I tend to lose track of dates, though the days themselves don't get quite so lost.
Heather and Lexie came by this afternoon.....they had a very good trip to Oregon and back, staying in some really nice parks and campgrounds.
I finally got the setup with the oil money fixed, so the kids should get a few hundred dollars in about a week. Had to sign a letter legitimizing my request.