Monday, September 8, 2014

A Sprinkle

It was odd to see clouds in the sky this morning. We hardly ever see clouds in the summertime here unless you count clouds of pollution.

It tried to rain a bit, of course at the same time that I was watering the lawn, my watering the lawn (dead grass) days being Mondays and Thursdays. Dime sized drops of water were on the pavement but not enough rain came down to connect those dots and it was all dried up a few minutes later.

I set the kitchen timer for 10-15 minutes while I water so I don't forget to turn the water back off, something that I really do need a kitchen timer to help me remember. I do water my flowers daily, though, too much money was spent on those flowers to let them dry up and die on me. I really don't care all that much about the grass, in fact am kind of proud of my dead brown lawn. I'm saving water!

And it's fun to be able to stick it to the homeowner's association after all these years of 'you aren't keeping your grass green enough' letters. Complete with pictures. My favorite was the time that I left my green waste trash can out on the driveway for a day and got a letter about that. Complete with picture.

I rode the bike over to drop off a few packages this morning and to pick up a few things at Target and when I went out back by the shed to put my bike away I felt some more raindrops. But they were only falling in one small area of the yard. I kept sticking my hand out, yes those are raindrops and I can see the drops falling on the patio but if I step a foot away no more raindrops and it was kind of WEIRD and I looked over the fence to see if he neighbor maybe had a sprinkler going but no, it was raining but only in one small area of the yard.

And so far that is the most interesting thing I've experienced so far today.

I did have some extra strange dreams last night. Most nights my dreams are a bit odd but I never really remember much of them unless they are extra disturbing, like the dream about trying to shoot Lucy cat with a gun. I kept shooting her but it was like a BB gun and it wasn't hurting her and why I would be dreaming about shooting Lucy with a gun I don't know. She is a very nice little kitty and I have never wanted to shoot her in real life!

That dream will bug me for a long time I think. It could be that I was finishing up watching season 4 of Boardwalk Empire right before bed last night and it is a very violent show with lots of guns and shooting of people. At least I hope that is why and I'm not turning into some kind of caticidal maniac.

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