Saturday, September 13, 2014

Some Cats Not Doing Much And Some New Tables

I've been somewhat busy this week doing the usual cleaning up after cats and working on our front flower bed. Of course we are having what I hope is our last heat wave of the year and I'm out digging in flower beds in the hot sun. It's so strange to see reports of snow in the midwest and images like these angry snowmen from Canada when it's 100 degrees here.
I had gotten Keith some bottles of apple juice for his lunches and thought Mimi might like the box. It wasn't as good as her boot box, though, so she only sat for a minute and then the box went into the recycle bin.

I had to make sure Buddy was feeling okay this morning, he doesn't look well in these pictures and doesn't look all that comfortable what with his face pushed up against the metal table leg.

He is okay despite the sad bleary eyed look on his face.

I went to Hobby Lobby last week, I've been wanting to replace the cheap little put it together yourself end table that we got at Walmart for $12.00 because it was just starting to get on my nerves and make me sad that we had a cheap table from Walmart in our living room. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with cheap furniture but we are at that point in our lives where we should be able to afford something a little nicer than a $12.00 Walmart table to put our coffee mugs on while we watch morning TV.

A few months ago we had looked at end tables at a real furniture store and they were very expensive and really kind of ugly. We found one table we liked at Hobby Lobby at about 1/3 the price of the furniture store end table. Yes, Hobby Lobby carries furniture and some pretty nice furniture at that.

Anyway, time to go back to Hobby Lobby and see what else they had. I found this little end table chest and what really caught my eye were the drawers, they have cutouts in the wood where the metal scrolls are. Plus, the price was in my budget.

It was the only one they had so I figured I'd better grab it.

I went back a few days later to see if they had gotten in anything else in this style, I would like to replace our back of the couch table since it is all scratched up and I've never really liked it anyway. No sofa tables, but I did find this tiny little table that sort of matched the little chest and the price was even righter for a little table, so...

Home it came and what to do with the bigger table that was at this end of the couch? Make it into a sort of coffee table so now we have lots and lots of tables in the living room. Mimi thinks it's pretty cool, she does a kind of table, couch, table hop now, the tops of these little tables being the perfect size for her to lay on. Harri was enjoying the new coffee table as a perch and was actually being playful, batting at Pepper as she walked by. Which Pepper did not enjoy.

The thing under the coffee table is a cat mat by the way. It has a zipper so you can put catnip in it.

Keith's back on the road this morning, he has been doing what we call the Turn and Burn, working pretty much every 12 hours. He got a call the other night for a brakeman's job in Barstow so he was driven out in a van and then when he got to the terminal was told someone else was on that job and to go to the motel and they would figure out what to do with him. He spent 12 boring hours in the motel and then was driven back to Bakersfield in a van, totally wasting his time for 24 hours. They do get paid to sit in the van but not as much as an actual trip, so all around a big waste of his time and he got shorted on money he could have been making.

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