Sunday, September 21, 2014

Where Did The Week Go?

A whole week has gone by and obviously nothing much happened other than Joe had a birthday on the 18th. Speaking of time going by, where did the last 33 years go? I can't believe I have such OLD children!

We took Joe and Elizabeth out for a birthday dinner, we told him to choose the restaurant and then show up on time and he chose Olive Garden and all of us showed up on time despite the incredible amount of traffic we faced on the way there. I drove because Keith had just gotten home from work  and had guzzled down a few after work beers while he was getting ready to go, and I don't remember the last time I drove through town during rush hour. It was AWFUL! But dinner was good and we had a really nice waitress who was attentive and personable so she got a big tip and Joe got a good birthday dinner.

It was also very hot this week. I am hoping that this past week was summer's last hurrah and we won't be having any more over 100 degree days until next summer.

Mimi and Bear were enjoying the breeze coming in the screen door, it's actually been nice enough in the mornings to open a window or two and turn the a/c off.

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