Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Black And White Bastard Strikes Again And Poor Harri!

Yesterday Mimi was laying way back under the entertainment center/bookshelf unit and I got down on the floor to give her a pet or two and as I was down there on the floor noticed a very large amount of cobwebs way back under the entertainment center/bookshelf unit.

Because out of sight out of mind?

So, first thing on my agenda this morning was getting under there and cleaning it all up. And I might as well clean the rest of the living room while I'm at it.

Since the outside air this morning was way cooler than the inside air, I opened up the doors and windows and got busy on my living room cleanup. As I was vacuuming the entryway floor, I noticed a yellow puddle on the floor right inside the screen door. Because that little bastard black and white cat likes to spray our screen door on a daily (if not twice daily) basis so our screen is permanently stained and I spray it with bleach on a daily (if not twice daily) basis. Well, since the front door was open, when he came by to spray this morning it went right through the screen and onto the tile floor. I'm glad there is tile floor and not carpet there because once the carpet gets cat spray urine on it you might as well just get new carpet.

The entryway tile did need a mopping but I really didn't want to have to clean up bad bastardly black and white cat urine first.


The other day I had my box of paper sitting on the bed while I was working on some things, and yes, Miss Must Sit On Or In EVERYTHING got into my box to sit. Where she just barely fit.

Genie the bird murderess struck again yesterday and fortunately for me Keith was the one who had to deal with the carnage.

He was in the living room and Genie came to the door all mumbly meowing because she had a bird in her mouth. She laid it at the door for some praise and Keith picked it up and found that it was still alive with some damage to its little head and beak. He laid it up on the bird feeder and after it shook itself off it flew away. Since its beak was damaged I doubt it will survive. He did give Genie some pets because that's what cats do, bring their prey to you so you won't starve. Yes, the poor birds don't need outdoor cats killing them, but this outdoor cat does not like our indoor cats so outdoors she must stay.

And speaking of outdoor cats, I was sitting with Genie for a few minutes this morning while Lucy wandered about the back yard and when I went to open the screen door to go back inside Harri shot out like a rocket wanting to get some grass (weeds) and Lucy went after her like Harri was her mortal enemy. The screen door is very dark and you can't see inside so I had no idea Harri was poised to make a break for it. Poor Harri had no chance to get some grass, the instant she came out Lucy was all over her.

Harri is running around the back yard in total terror and Lucy is running right behind her snarling and scratching at her and I'm running around right behind Lucy screaming LUCY!!! and then Harri ran down the side yard and hid behind the pile of wood that has been sitting in the side yard for about 10 years. But, the wood in the side yard is a whole different story and maybe someday it will get cleaned up.

The gate on that side of the yard is always locked and it's such a mess that I couldn't get down to where Harri was cowering, so I went inside to find the key to unlock the gate and by the time I got the gate unlocked and opened up, no Harri. So, I went around to the other side yard and opened up that gate just in case Harri was trying to get out on that side of the yard, but no Harri. I found her a few minutes later trying to hide in the tall weeds just outside the back door, covered in cobwebs from the piles of wood in the side yard.

I got her inside and cleaned off the cobwebs and I don't think she will be trying to run out the back door again anytime soon.

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