Sunday, August 3, 2014

Trying To Rain And A Sunset

And a box sitting cat again. It really doesn't look all that comfortable to be laying on plastic bags that are filled with spools of ribbon but Mimi manages to squish herself down in the ribbon box and looks perfectly content.
Yesterday evening I stepped out front and noticed an orange glow in the sky and my neighbors garage wall was kind of lit up and glowing. It was the sunset, something you would think I would notice more often, but the way our houses face in this neighborhood you really don't pay all that much attention to it. You have to go out into the street to really see the sunset and since we don't usually have much in the way of clouds in the sky it isn't all that exciting most of the time. Last nights was pretty, though, pretty enough to take a few pictures.

We have some of those solar lights in the front flower bed, lights I just had to buy at Walmart, lights that I didn't realize actually change colors which I really think is kind of tacky, but hey, they came from Walmart, where tacky rules!

They usually come on at dusk and are kind of mesmerizing to watch as the colors change.

It is trying to rain today, the forecast calls for mountain thunderstorms coming up from the Arizona desert and it's actually sprinkling a bit outside right now. Keith is scheduled on a daytime train from Barstow today and probably will have a little excitement with some desert rain and maybe even some lightning. We sure get excited about rain around here!

We have the new state mandate going into effect where you are not supposed to water your yard more than twice a week and if you waste water the water police will come and fine you $500.00 or something like that. We don't use that much water with just the two of us, but we are somewhat wasteful, Keith likes really really long showers and we are both guilty of turning on the sprinkler and then forgetting that it's on. One morning I came out and the side hose had been on all night long, fortunately at just a dribble watering the side yard trees, but still. Keith had turned it on and then gone to work, forgetting all about it.

I did read that homeowner's associations are not supposed to send nastygrams or fine people about brown yards anymore. We haven't gotten a 'water  your yard' letter in a while, probably because I've been watering every day up until now and while still not all that great looking, our yard has been a little greener. Not anymore though!

Our neighbor across the street took out his side yard and put rocks in it after getting one too many letters about his dead grass.

Other than the chance for some rain today, just another day here. Another good thing about the storms possibly coming through town is that it won't be quite so hot.

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