Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Angry Birds (Again)

I've been leaving Lucy outside at night for the past few months, she got so spoiled coming into the garage each night but really doesn't need to be in there this time of year. It stays very warm all night long and the garage gets very hot, so...outside it is even though she will sneak back into the garage if the door is open.

She will usually be waiting outside the front door when I get up in the morning, waiting for the food bowl to be filled up, but the past week or so she hasn't been out there and wasn't coming up over the fence when I called her. I thought it was very odd, because I know she is hungry first thing in the morning, and where the heck is she that she can't hear me calling her? She would eventually show up for her food but then disappear again soon after eating.

Had she found a better yard to hang out in all day or was some neighbor leaving food out for her?

I figured it all out one day when I was out back giving Genie a few pets and saw Lucy kind of hiding behind the tool shed, hoping Genie wouldn't see her or run after her (Genie doesn't seem to like Lucy very much). I opened the side gate for her and she came running out to the front yard for some food and then as she started eating a mockingbird started screeching from one of the lower tree branches. Ah, the mockingbird is back and the mockingbird doesn't like Lucy either.

I went into the house and came back out just in time to see the mockingbird dive bombing poor Lucy as she was trying to eat her breakfast.

I'm not sure what has got the mockingbirds so upset this time, the nest in the tree was abandoned a long time ago and they seem to be flying from across the street to screech at Lucy, they sit in the tree and yell for a bit, then swoop down a few feet from the ground after her, then go up onto the roof at the corner of the garage and screech at her a few more times.

Brave little angry birds they are.

We went to Applebee's last night for dinner and I think Applebee's is now off of our list of places to eat. It was just not all that good and they changed their menu, taking the queso dip and chips off of the appetizer list, the queso dip and chips being one of the main reasons that we would even go to Applebee's. They have a new queso dip and chip thing with potato type chips and it's just not the same. You need tortilla chips with queso dip, not weird potato chips.

Keith got some sort of chicken and shrimp dish which he said was okay but nothing special and I got an asian chicken salad, different from the asian chicken salad I used to get there. The salad had hardly any dressing on it so I asked for more, and the crispy chicken was overcooked and very very dry. A waste of almost $50.00 that dinner was.

Keith thought he wouldn't be going out to work until later today but as we were leaving the restaurant he got his push alert on his phone showing him to be 3rd in line and possibly going out on a midnight train. He came home and went right to bed and ended up going out about 2:30 this morning on not enough sleep.

Other than our exciting dinner out, this week is kind of dull so far, no orders to work on yet and after doing a big clean of the kitchen over the weekend, including scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees (and then feeling very achy the next morning) I am not feeling very ambitious about doing any other scrubbing of floors or any other cleaning outside of the ordinary.

Oh, I did see a woman at Walmart that was quite interesting the other day. I was coming out as she was coming in and I did one of those double takes as she walked by. She was probably in her 60s and one of those very skinny women that must have had a bit of a hard life and spent a lot of time out in the sun. Her skin was that skinny old lady extremely wrinkled type skin but that wasn't what made me look again. It was her midriff baring tank top and the tight jeans that didn't completely cover her bottom, giving me quite the view of her hot pink thong underwear. Ack!

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