Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Much Better Back And Some Cats Following The Rules Of Cuteness

My back is feeling much much better today, well enough so that I was able to ride the bike over to Walmart to get some shower gel since I ran out yesterday and wanted to be able to use soap in my shower today, and also drop a package off at Office Depot and get some free ink and photo paper.

Free ink and photo paper? Yes! The last time I got ink there they gave me a coupon on my receipt good for $10.00 off my next purchase of $20.00 or more and then yesterday my Rewards certificate came in the mail and it was for $50.00. So, ink and paper for free and I still have a few dollars left on my certificate. If you are wondering what a rewards certificate is and shop at Office Depot, you get a little card that you use on each purchase and you can also turn in up to ten used up ink cartridges per month for a credit of $3.00 a cartridge. Then, once a month they send you a gift certificate. Since I use a lot of ink, it's well worth it for me to recycle my cartridges there and do my ink buying there. Plus, it's about two blocks from the house.

There was some excitement on my bike ride this morning, when I woke up today the alarm clock was flashing which told me that the power had gone out sometime during the night. I went around and fixed all the flashing clocks and didn't think a whole lot else about it, just glad that the power was on so I could make my coffee (and peruse the internet of course). Then, as I'm riding off to Walmart first, I decided to go out the other entrance to our neighborhood and ride along the street behind Walmart and cross over in the middle of the street. Which usually is not a problem at about 8:30 in the morning, most of the rush hour going to work people having already gotten to work, and the going shopping people not out and about yet. Today, though, the traffic was crazy busy along that street, the busiest I've ever seen it. I was thinking that maybe they were doing some road work and had a detour going, so I rode along down the street to where the light is and I could cross in the crosswalk. The light was flashing red and down the street at the big intersection of Rosedale Hwy and Coffee Road I see police cars and fire engines, so, okay, some kind of accident down there.

I rode along down Coffee to the intersection because might as well be a lookie lou since I've gotten this far and here is a tanker trunk that had gone off the road and crashed into some power poles on the corner. The truck was still smoldering and I see a news guy with his cameraman on the corner doing a newscast. They aren't allowing any traffic on one side of the road and are diverting all the traffic that would normally be going down Rosedale up Coffee and onto the road behind Walmart.

I went around behind the news guy, not wanting to disturb his newscast or have my big bike riding bottom be on the news, and went on around to Walmart. I went online after I got home and found out that the accident happened at like 3 in the morning and would probably be hours and hours before it was all cleaned up.

So, that was my excitement for the day. I did also do the yard work this morning, it doesn't take as long to mow the yard when half of the grass is dead because we aren't supposed to be watering it. There is always a plus side!

One of my favorite websites is CuteOverload, which features cute animal pictures and videos. They have rules of cuteness, two of which are crossed paws are cute and animals laying in sunbeams is cute. I got both rules today when Bear and Mimi were laying by the back door and double crossed paws to boot!

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