Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Every year for Keith's birthday we try to do something nice, but every year it seems to turn to sh*t, like last year when we went out to eat like three times over his birthday weekend and everywhere we went to eat was lousy food. Or like the year he scheduled a colonoscopy during his birthday/vacation week, or the year he had two crowns done. I don't think he's had a good birthday in quite a few years. So, this year I found this card that I thought was incredibly appropriate, and we would go out to eat lunch, but only at a tried and true place, a restaurant of his choosing that we knew in advance would have decent food.
We were thinking of driving up to Tehachapi and going to the Apple Shed, but right as we were getting ready to go Joe and Elizabeth stopped by. They didn't have enough time to go an hour away to eat lunch with us, having an appointment to go to, so we went down the road to La Mina Cantina for a lunch that was good and everybody enjoyed and it was nice to have unexpected guests to join us.

Keith just happened to have the day off yesterday, having gotten in from the road late Sunday night and not being scheduled to go out again until late last night, so it all worked out pretty well. He decided he didn't really want to go back to work late last night so laid off for the first time ever so he could have today off, too.

We thought we'd go up to Tehachapi today and extend the festivities into another lunch out, but this morning Keith sees water dripping from under the car and it looks like the water pump is getting ready to go out. Which probably would have happened on the way to Tehachapi, knowing our luck with his birthday weeks in the past. He is taking the car to see if he can get it fixed right now, so it looks like no lunch in Tehachapi today, but at least we had a good day yesterday on his actual birthday.

Yes, if something can go wrong around the time of Keith's birthday it definitely will.

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