Friday, June 13, 2014

Staring Bear

Bear does this a lot. She sits and stares at me, usually when she is getting hungry or when she is not hungry but wants to be petted, or maybe she is plotting my downfall, I don't know but sometimes it is quite disconcerting to be going about your business and realize there is a cat sitting there staring at you.

Like just a few minutes ago, I was sitting in the bathroom, where I only shut the door if there is someone other than me in the house. You can't see into the bathroom unless you are right by the door, and there are two doors in the bathroom, it being one of those pass through types, and it's a very small bathroom and seems very claustrophobia inducing when both doors are shut. Plus, the cats like to walk through when I'm doing my business. Just to say hi, I guess.

Anyway, I'm sitting in the bathroom and look up to see this.

Okay, I know it's almost dinner time, I'll feed you in 30 minutes, you definitely are not going to starve to death by the looks of that round little body.

I bought a few things at the antique store we went to the other day, I did not buy the set of cute little bluebird salt and pepper shakers that I wanted because the price tag on them was $25.00 and I don't care how cute they are, that is way too much to pay for some salt and pepper shakers. Even if they are a valuable collectible or whatever. I don't buy vintage stuff for the value, I buy it because I like it but
I don't believe in paying too much money for what is basically someone's old junk.
I found this deer planter figurine, it's fairly large and at $12.00, a fair price.
 I also found a small deer, bunny rabbit, cute laughing kitty cat, pink square melmac plate, and the purple bowl on the pink plate was part of a set of cups and sugar and creamer that I got on sale for $8.00. For the whole set! The little figurines were all $5.00 each and the pink plate was $4.00. I think I did pretty well and it should satisfy any lets go shopping bug for a while.

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