Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nothing Much

Well, our car is fixed after spending the day in the shop, new water pump and the oil got changed while it was there. We walked back over to pick it up early yesterday morning. The walk was pleasant and the shop was not too far away, but I'm not used to walking all that much so had to take a couple of little breaks along the way. We went to IHOP for breakfast and did a few errands and by the time we did all that walking, eating and shopping I was tired, so not much else got done the rest of the day other than reading a book. And watching Dr. Phil. I've gotten hooked on other people's drama for an hour each afternoon. Always makes your own life seem so much more normal after an hour of rotten teenagers or cheating husbands/wives.

Speaking of TV watching and other people's drama, why is there another story about the stupid Kardashian twits on the Yahoo home page every single day? Sometimes multiple times a day? I really don't care if Kim Kardashian's boobs are hanging out again or she is on yet another honeymoon (and how long until that divorce anyway?) but it does disturb me that I even know who this person is and can actually spell her name.

And more speaking of TV, summer is always such a wasteland on network TV, but I do look forward to Tuesday nights and America's Got Talent. I don't like any other competition type show, but do enjoy this one a lot, mostly because it's more than just singers or dancers, you get to see such a big variety of acts. It is kind of predictable that each episode has to have the hard luck/sob story act that brings tears to everyone's eyes, but it's fun to watch and at least there aren't any Kardashians on it.

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