Saturday, May 3, 2014

Where Did The Week Go? And Some Cats

I don't know where this past week went, but it's gone and it's already the first Saturday in May. And it's been HOT here!

Lucy found herself a new perch up in her tree. There is a fork in the branch and she has been sleeping up there with her backside on one branch and her front paws and head on the other. It looks a little precarious to me but she hasn't fallen out yet, maybe she has a little leopard in her or whichever one of the big cats it is that likes to sleep up in trees.

Yesterday afternoon I went shopping with Joe and Elizabeth to the big super Walmart on the other side of town where they got some household things they needed and I got some ink and some bras that I needed. After Walmart we went over to a discount store that Elizabeth had told me about, Falla's, which was like a gold mine of cheap prices! I found a couple of couch pillows for $3.99 each, a new couch cover (aka a quilt in a solid tan) for $20.00 and a new quilt for my bed for $15.00. Both quilts even came with shams, not that we needed pillow shams for the couch, but they do always look nice on a bed. I'm going to go back and look at the clothes, I saw some tops hanging on the wall with signs that said $5.99 so I think they would be worth a further look even if the store is way far away from our house. We would probably have bought even more stuff but apparently this store doesn't believe in shopping carts or they've all been carted away by homeless people because there wasn't a cart to be found and nobody else in the store had one either.

Here is my new quilt, Bear and Mimi think it is very comfortable. It's reversible, too, with black on the backside, black that would show every single cat hair as you can see in the picture of Bear. Tons of cat hair already and the quilt has only been on the bed since yesterday.

There were just the two of them on the bed but not for long. Everyone but Pepper is enjoying it.
I also put together some furniture yesterday. Keith and I had gone to Walmart yesterday morning before Joe and Elizabeth called about going shopping, and I found this writing desk that looked perfect for in my bedroom, perfect for working on instead of a card table. It was only $40.00 and I'm amazed to say that I put it together while Keith sat there and drank beer and 'supervised' by which I mean annoy the heck out of me. There must have been 20 parts to this desk but it came with good instructions and went together in about an hour. Mimi discovered it before I even had a chance to get it into the bedroom. If it's there I will sit on it.

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Mom said...

Cats do have to try out anything new or different, don't they? Quilt looks pretty and cheerful. Mimi looks very comfy on the new desk, and it's a nice background for her coloring, I must say.