Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Most Popular Place In The House

Again. My new quilt.

I like how they are all laying in kind of the same position and how Buddy uses his arm to cover his eyes. Good thing I'm not a nap taker type of person or they might not share with me.

I don't usually allow cats in the bed with me at night, I have a hard enough time getting to sleep without someone licking themselves on the bed or something, but have let Harri stay in with me quite a few nights. She doesn't mind the door being shut to keep all the others out (in fact probably likes it that way) and I put some food and water on the floor for her, and she seems very content all night. She does a little wandering about at first, looking for the right place to lay down and wanting a few pets before sleep, but once she is settled she doesn't bother me for the rest of the night.

Buddy gets his nose out of joint when I shut the door on him so sometimes he will see me heading for bed and run in there and then kind of hide in the corner. I can usually get him to come back out again simply by rattling the cat treat bag, nobody ever said he was all that bright of a cat, but last night Harri was off sleeping elsewhere, so I ignored Buddy hiding in the corner and left the door open. I thought he would get up in bed with me, he always, always gets in bed with Keith, but no, he just stayed in the corner thinking he was being very sneaky. I was surprised that nobody else bothered me for most of the night except until about 5:30 when Mimi started wandering about the room meowing her VERY LOUD meow. She gave up after a little while when I didn't listen to her and didn't get up to feed them. I waited until my usual don't want to get up this early but can't sleep anymore 6:30.

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