Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Trip To The Little Zoo

Yesterday morning we decided to go on a little outing, driving over to the California Living Museum just outside of town, CALM for those in the know. I figured it being a weekday and us having a heat wave this week there wouldn't be very many people wandering about, but when we drove into the parking lot there were quite a few cars and six school buses. Keith was kind of like oh no the place will be full of little brats, but as we wandered we didn't encounter too many brats, just lots of kids but they were young kids, like first or second grade. When you see two little boys walking along holding hands and they aren't embarrassed about holding hands yet, you know they are young and still sort of innocent. They were all very cute kids with name tags around their necks on strings of yarn or pinned to their shirts. Unfortunately, due to the heat, most of the animals were either hiding in their hiding places or just laying around napping. We went to the mountain lion/bobcat exhibit first and the mountain lion was napping right next to the glass, so everyone got a very good view of the beautiful huge cat. Of course kids are banging on the glass trying to wake him or her up, but that was the only bratty business we saw going on. They did all seem to be enjoying themselves. Of course any day when you are away from the classroom is pretty exciting and enjoyable for any age kid.

The bobcats were in their den, the brown bear was scratching his bottom on a big rock, the raccoons were all sleeping, the badger was sleeping, but we did see a little screech owl that one of the zoo volunteers had perched on her gloved hand.

We saw one mama duck with about twelve ducklings following behind her in the duck pond, and we saw mule deer growing their antlers. The antlers look downright creepy in growth, they are all fuzzy and knobby and look like some horrible festering cancerous thing on their heads. That would be strange indeed to grow something on your head each year and then shed it at the end of the season and then start all over again each year. I guess the mule deer get used to it though.

Other than this one little outing, business as usual here. I'm tired a lot because I get woken up too early with the sun coming in the window so we are going to get some good blackout kind of curtains this coming payday. Maybe I'll be able to sleep past 6 am, but only if Mimi doesn't stand outside of my door MEOWING very loudly like she did this morning. She is LOUD. MEOW!MEOW!MEOW!

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