Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rumble In The Jungle

There was a  major bird battle going on this morning. Mama and Papa mockingbirds were defending their nest against another bird and it was LOUD. Screeching and flying around and more screeching. So not only do they have to worry about cats but other birds.

Last night it was getting dark and I heard the birds screeching and went outside to see something way up in the tree and it wasn't Lucy but bad black and white cat. Lucy got her butt pecked not once but twice yesterday, the birds just aren't having any of that cats sitting in the tree business. This morning Lucy got up in the tree as far as her perch and the screeching started and she got out of that tree pretty quickly.

Keith planted one of the sugar maples in the backyard yesterday, after spending hours and hours removing the plum tree. He'd been thinking about taking the plum tree out because it makes such a mess every year, first with green plums falling all over the place, then with ripe plums falling all over the place. Yes, plums are nice fruit but not so nice when you are filling up lawn sized trash bags full of them and there are only so many plums you can give away before people are absolutely sick of them. So, no more plum tree mess this year.

Here is the spindly sugar maple.
He took back the other four maples after we realized that they really wouldn't work that well in our yard, we don't want foundations or sidewalks getting cracked from root systems.

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