Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dreams and A Yard Picture

I guess it's a good thing that I don't remember most of my dreams or I'd probably wonder about my sanity.

Last night I was having a dream about riding my bike to a gas station only there were wild bears at the gas station so I went to the gas station right next to it (why I needed to go to a gas station when I was on my bike I don't know) and this gas station also had wild animals including a small wild pig that was trying to bite me. Then I was eating dinner at a table next to the gas pumps. I think it was Chinese food and I don't even really like Chinese food. That's the really crazy part.

Last night Keith was supposed to go on a late train to Barstow but ended up getting called for a yard job, a job where the engine is radio controlled, no engineer on it. He hasn't done RCO (radio controlled operation) in about 6 months so was a little worried about going, also not pleased since he is now used to sitting in a cab all day or night rather than walking around a yard switching cars around. I'm almost dreading him coming home because he will probably be in a bit of a bad mood. I'm just hoping the job goes smoothly with no mistakes where he will get into big trouble. I told him to take his time and think about every move he makes and to stop and do a job brief if he forgets how to do something. Here's hoping he WON'T  be in a bad mood.

We bought lots of new flowers this past month, I still don't have pictures of the front flower beds yet but do have one of one of the back flower beds. Also Keith's hammock, where he likes to nap. Actually he likes to nap just about anywhere, but the hammock is especially nice except when the gardeners in the neighborhood start up their leaf blowers or the yappy dogs in the yard behind us start their yapping.

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Mom said...

I don't blame Keith for wanting to nap in that hammock. What a pretty, peaceful looking place your yard has turned into.