Friday, May 9, 2014

Feeding Time At The Zoo

It was snack time yesterday afternoon. Cats have exceptionally good hearing when dry food is poured into bowls or treat bags are opened. Buddy can hear a treat bag when he is dead asleep two rooms away.

And I guess Bear misses Keith too because now she is sleeping on his pants. Either that or they just smell irresistibly funky.

Speaking of funky smells, I figured out that when Pepper comes running out of the bedroom, and she hardly EVER runs anywhere, I need to go check the cat box because she has probably taken a poo and not covered it up. Again. And I better go cover it up or clean it out because it will be extremely stinky if I don't. I was reading an article about poo on the internet (fascinating) and it said that if it's really stinky then something is probably wrong, and the parasite giardia or however you spell it might be the culprit.

She was diagnosed with giardia years ago and we kept giving her this nasty medicine that would make her foam at the mouth and run around the house in a panic flinging foam all over the place. The medicine did not work, probably because it all came out of her mouth in the foam, so the vet told us to just keep an eye on her. The trauma to her every time we gave her the medicine was probably worse than the giardia, so...she probably still has it and that is why her poo is so stinky she can't even stand to cover it up and runs rapidly away from it.

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