Saturday, May 24, 2014

Making Sure That Thing Is DEAD

I've mentioned the big brown outdoor cockroaches that we have here in this town, cockroaches that are really fun cat toys apparently.

Yesterday afternoon I was coming back inside from the back yard and as I'm sliding the door shut something incredibly fast went running into the house. Before I could even see it Mimi was on top of it. It was a cockroach and she grabbed it up and ran into the bedroom with it.

I did not want a cockroach running about my bedroom, so I followed her in there intending to stomp on it if possible. She had it trapped under her paws and when I made her move off of it,  it ran off again at lightning speed. She got it cornered by the baseboard and I remembered the Raid in the kitchen. I got her out of the way, she was not happy about that at all, and started spraying and spraying while the cockroach was still running around. I had a wad of paper towels that I picked up the still squirming and trying to flee nasty cockroach with, took that into the kitchen where I smashed the wadded up paper towel cockroach bundle with a kitchen mallet, and then, not wanting it to come back to life, put the whole mess into a sealable sandwich bag before putting it into the trash.

I really don't like cockroaches.

And that was the most exciting part of my day yesterday.

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Mom said...

I remember the nasty cockroaches in the Philippines, which luckily stayed outside in the yard behind us, or in the drains in the street. Hated the things!